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Champagne Cocktails Worthy of a Girl’s Night In

You’re having a girl’s night in and you want to make sure your night in is worth it. With the girl talk flowing, cocktails will be poured, and you want some yummy drinks to sip on. After all, a night in with the girls is always more fun with a few drinks under your belt. The chick flicks have been picked, Netflix at the ready, but what is going to be the main drink of the evening? We all love a good theme, and champagne cocktails will be the perfect one for your evening in. Your friends will think you’re, tres chic with your taste in classy cocktails.

Champs, or Champagne, is from the region of Champagne in France. There is a special grape and way to ferment the grapes to make sparkling wine, in which we call, Champagne. Most people would consider any bottle labeled Champagne to be Champagne, however for the true connoisseur, Champagne is only Champagne if it comes from the region of Champagne, in France. Your sparkling wine, or Champagne may not be from the region of Champagne, but it will still do the trick to have an amazing girl’s night in.

Before getting right in to making these recipes, here is the proper way to open Champagne, in case you are more of a beer drinker. Remove the foil, there is usually a tab to pull on that will make this process a little easier. The wire cage has a little key, before you turn the key pull down the wire, and then turn the key. Turning the key will make the wire cage become looser, which will enable you to take the cage off. Isn’t being fancy fun, it’s not as hard as it seems, you are almost there, and you can look up a YouTube video if you are struggling.

Get a towel you don’t mind getting some champagne on, and drape it over the cork. Make sure you are pointing the top of the bottle away from you, and away from anyone around you. The cork can pop off, and hurt someone, so be as safe as possible. Hold the bottom of the bottle, and grip the cork with the other hand. Do not twist the cork, instead twist the bottle slowly. The cork should start to loosen, and then you will hear a tiny pop. Congratulations, you’ve completed your course on how to open a bottle of champagne, a certificate will be presented to you at the end. All joking aside, you are ready to make some yummy cocktails. A little tip before you dive into the recipes, tilt the champagne flute to avoid excess foaming when pouring. When you are finished pouring the champagne make sure twist the bottle to prevent spilling that precious champagne.

Champagne Cocktail Recipes:

Peachy Kean


1 cup of Frozen Peaches

4 ounces tequila silver

1/2 cup of Peach Juice

1 cup of Ice Cubes

1 cup of Champagne

Yield: 2 servings


Blend everything, in your blender. Make sure your setting is one that can be used to crush the ice. Depending on your preference, add kosher salt, or sugar to the rim of your glass. This drink is a cross between a Bellini, and margarita.

Deep Velvet


3 ounces of Chilled Guinness

3 ounces of Chilled Prosecco

1 ounce of Raspberry Liqueur


Add one to two raspberries to the glass. If you are feeling like you want to show off a bit, add rosemary spring to the top of the glass, light a little bit on fire, and it should smoke. The smoke will add a nice flavor to your drink.

Sweet Surprise


1 Bottle of Rose Champagne

1 Bag of Cotton Candy


Forget about dessert, you can just drink it! Chill your bottle of champagne, before using it in this recipe. You will also, need to choose what flavor cotton candy will be used in your cocktail. Put a small clump of cotton candy in the glass, and add the champagne when the girls are ready for some delicious dessert. This cocktail is simple, as well as, super yummy, for those with a sweet tooth.


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