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Celebrities That Got Tattoos in the Name of Love

Many believe that tattooing your partner‘s name is an almost unequivocal sign that the love may not last, but this is not always true as there are some couples inked by love that have passed the test of time.

Here some of the most famous tattoos made in the name of love.

Melanie Griffith

While she was married to Antonio Banderas, she paid him a tribute and got his name tattooed in the middle of a heart on her arm. After the separation, she started the painful process of erasing it.


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The Queen B decided to commemorate her love with ink. When Jay Z proposed to her, the superstar chose to get a tattoo with the number 4 on the finger where her wedding and engagement ring sit.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria was wiser since she did not have a tattoo with the name of her now ex-husband Tony Parker, but she immortalized the date of their marriage on her wrist and in the back of her neck. Covering the date on the wrist isn’t difficult, but the neck tattoo is a lot harder to hide, but the actress and producer has a good sense of humor about it.

Victoria Beckman

Posh has dedicated many tattoos to her husband, David Beckman. But without doubt, the most striking is the one on her wrist that says “DB”.

David Beckham

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For his part, the footballer and model has the name of his wife in his hand.


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