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Celebrate the Holidays With Holly Shannon Jewelry

Viva Glam recently spoke to celebrity jewelry designer Holly Shannon about her exciting new collection, Rock Candy, and what the holidays mean to her.

Viva Glam recently spoke to celebrity jewelry designer Holly Shannon about her exciting new collection, Rock Candy, and what the holidays mean to her.

1. Gift giving is such a big part of celebrating in all cultures and religions during the holidays. Your pieces make memorable gifts. Can you tell us a bit about your new line of jewelry?

My newest collection is called Rock Candy. Zero Calories, 100% Luxury. It’s your childhood treat reinvented in delicious gemstones. Delicate yellow or white gold chain with luscious green emeralds, sparkling blue-marine topaz, sapphires in multiple colors, pink tourmaline in rich pomegranate hues.


2. We all gain inspiration to create from events that occur in our lives, both good and difficult. I remembered in the past you were challenged by a house fire. Can you tell us a little about this and also what inspired you to create this new line of jewelry?

Our house caught fire in 2007. It taught me to let go of tangible memories. For example, I lost photographs and some of my grandmother’s jewelry. It took me a long time to regain by source of inspiration after that. That little flame, pardon the pun, that moves us through our ideas. This new line of jewelry allowed me to create elegant, statement pieces but with a touch of whimsy. Perfect for those little black dress events or for a special event like a wedding or New Year’s Eve celebration.


3. We’ve been asking people what their favorite holiday memories are and how they have influenced their lives. Can you tell us a favorite holiday memory and how it effects you today?

I would say holidays and celebrations at my grandparent’s table are some of my favorite holiday memories. My grandmother was a tremendous cook and they shared their table with friends, family and those down on their luck. I think it taught me to share those celebrations with others. We invite new people, especially those from other countries, to our Thanksgiving and Chanukah table all the time. It’s an opportunity to share a cultural or religious experience that they might never have had a glimpse of before.


4. Recently, you exhibited in New York City, can you tell us a little about this event and which pieces you showcased?

I have had the honor of exhibiting my work at the Warren Tricomi Salon in the historic Plaza Hotel off Central Park in New York. They have been wonderful to work with and I will continue to exhibit my Cleopatra and All Things Wings collections throughout November and December. Dates are on my website.


5. If our readers want to follow your career and purchase your pieces, how would they contact you? (Holly, this is for your social networking, website, etc.)

My website now has a shopping cart, so anyone interested in buying a Holly Shannon design or following my career can visit my website. They can “like” me on Facebook at Holly Shannon Jewelry. My items are for sale at the Warren Tricomi Salon in NY at the Plaza and in their Greenwich, CT salon too. Also, in my neighborhood of Litchfield County, CT at the lovely J. Seitz and Co. boutique.

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