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CBD In Hair Care: Can It Improve Your Hair Growth?

Cannabidiol, often known as CBD, has gained popularity as a component in numerous skincare and beauty products. But did you know that the hair care sector is also experiencing a CBD boom? Yes, there are now hair care products with CBD that promise to encourage hair growth. But is there any truth to it? Can CBD haircare really improve the health of your mane? The short answer — it depends. But let’s take a closer look at the intriguing world of CBD haircare.

What is CBD?

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance that can be found in cannabis plants. Let me explain that once again for anyone who may still be daunting it — CBD does not result in a “high” feeling. Instead, it can have a variety of health advantages, such as lowering anxiety, lessening discomfort, and enhancing skin conditions. But it won’t mess in any way with your cognitive functioning. And especially not if you use it topically in the form of skin and haircare.

CBD and Hair Growth

Let’s now discuss CBD and hair growth. The endocannabinoid system in our body, which controls a number of physiological functions, including hair growth, is affected by CBD. Moreover, CBD contains anti-inflammatory qualities that can, in theory, lessen scalp inflammation. And in case you didn’t know, scalp inflammation and irritation are one of the enemies of your hair follicles. Healthy hair can only grow from a healthy and happy scalp. 

In addition to that, CBD can also support and strengthen hair follicles. The amino acids in CBD can enter the hair shaft, strengthening and shielding it from harm. As healthy hair follicles are less prone to break or fall out, this can result in healthier hair growth. Pretty cool, right? But I want to give a huge disclaimer before we go any further. The studies and actual scientific evidence of how CBD affects hair growth is still very limited. So make sure you keep that in mind before deciding to invest in any CBD haircare products.

CBD-Infused Haircare Products

Now that we know a little more about CBD and its potential benefits for hair growth, let’s take a look at some CBD-infused haircare products. As you can probably guess, there are endless options available. And as beneficial as CBD may be for our hair follicles, keep in mind that there is no need to switch up your whole existing routine for CBD-infused products.

CBD Shampoo and Conditioner

CBD shampoo and conditioner are made to help strengthen hair follicles and encourage hair growth. To further benefit your hair, these products frequently include other nourishing components like biotin and argan oil. But consider the fact that there isn’t too much contact time without hair follicles when it comes to shampoo, and that most of us don’t use conditioner on our scalp, it’s pretty unlikely that these products will boost your hair growth.

CBD Hair Mask

Deep conditioning treatments like CBD hair masks can help to nourish and restore damaged hair. They are also often infused with other beneficial ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil. But once again, considering the fact that most of us won’t apply hair masks to our scalps, the effects of this product on our hair growth are probably limited.

CBD Scalp Treatment

If you want to improve your hair growth with CBD, then look into CBD scalp treatments. Scalp treatments that are infused with CBD can lessen scalp irritation and encourage hair growth. They also often contain additional components like peppermint oil and tea tree oil, which can have a cooling and calming impact on the scalp. Make sure to massage the treatment into your scalp after using it to improve blood flow and circulation. 


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