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CBD for Pain Relief: 10 Things You Need to Know

CBD for pain relief: you’ve heard that it’s good, but is that just hype? Does it work? Is it even legal?

If you’re suffering from chronic or even short-term pain, you’ll know the feeling of being desperate to get relief, and you’re willing to try anything as long as there’s a chance it will help.

CBD for pain relief has proven to be effective for many pain sufferers. But before you try it, there are some things you should know about how it works, the pros and cons, and how it can help your pain.          

1. How does CBD Work for Pain?

Every mammal has an Endocannabinoid system, a kind of internal messaging network that regulates mood, sleep, appetite, and circadian rhythms.

Receptors (tiny proteins) attached to the cells collect chemical messages within this system and form responses involved in the regulation of the body’s functions. Among these responses is the signal to produce anti-inflammatory agents that aid in pain relief.

Researchers believe that CBD oil interacts with these receptors to produce the anti-inflammatory response, making it a good choice for people with chronic pain.

CBD works differently to most traditional pain relief products. Rather than blocking the pain signals, it acts to keep the body in a state of homeostasis, or balance. This means that it’s always moving the body towards optimal function rather than masking the symptoms of a problem.

2. Does Taking CBD for Pain Relief Work?

Researchers believe that there is promising evidence [] that CBD oil for pain relief does work in many cases, but they caution that it is not approved as a pain relief treatment by the FDA. Nor is it regulated, meaning that results could be inconsistent.

That said, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that it has helped many pain sufferers to improve the quality of their lives, and some medical professionals are now prescribing to manage pain (in places where it’s legal to do so).

3. What are the Pros and Cons of CBD Oil for Pain?

The obvious benefit is natural pain relief that has few side effects and is considered safe by medical experts.

However, the laws around its use are murky, and it’s best to check if they affect you before you start using it. No one wants an unexpected encounter with the law!

4. How Long Does It Take CBD Oil to Work for Pain?

This will depend on a few different factors. One is your chosen method of delivery; some forms of CBD are absorbed faster or more efficiently than others. Another factor is your individual biochemical makeup, metabolism, body size, and frequency of dosage.

The fastest method of delivery is sublingually (under the tongue), but this method also provides effective pain relief for the shortest amount of time.

Taking CBD with food means that it will take longer to work, but it is a slower release and the effects will last longer.

5. CBD for Pain Relief and Sleep: Send Insomnia Packing

There’s nothing worse than pain that keeps you awake. Research shows that CBD can be effective in treating insomnia caused by anxiety or depression as well as other sleep disorders.

There is also research, to suggest it is effective against the pain that causes insomnia. Researchers are excited about the potential of CBD as a tool against chronic pain, although they say there is not enough research on the subject yet to make recommendations. 

6. How to Take CBD for Pain

How to use CBD oil for pain depends on a few factors. The type of pain (and where it’s located), severity, and frequency all affect the best way to use it.

If you need fast relief, the best way to take it is sublingually (under the tongue). Start with a few mg twice per day. After one week if you still haven’t got the results you desire, gradually increase the dose until you reach the maximum effect (you will reach a point where increasing the dose won’t result in greater benefits).

If you need long-lasting relief, ingesting it with food is a good option. As with the sublingual form, the best way to try it is to start with a low dose and gradually increase it.

7. How to Use CBD Oil for Back Pain

CBD oil can help to reduce the inflammation caused by back pain, along with the anxiety that a chronic pain problem can cause. It can even help with sleep, which is when the body does its healing and repairs.

Back health experts suggest that topical gels or creams can be helpful, depending on the severity of the problem. However, as there are no official guidelines, it will be a matter of trial and error to determine the most effective form of CBD oil for back pain.

8. Is CBD Oil Good for Pain After Surgery?

While CBD can help with healing and inflammation post-surgery, there is a note of caution. CBD has an anticoagulant effect, which means it can increase the chances of bleeding during surgery. Doctors recommend that patients avoid CBD products for a few days before and after surgery to reduce the risk of bleeding.

Once the danger period has passed, CBD may be useful in post-surgical healing.

9. Are CBD Gummies for Pain Effective?

If you’re picky about taste, then gummies are a good choice. You’ll get a consistent dose of CBD and it tastes great! (Just don’t get carried away and eat too many. Although it is unlikely to harm you, it may cause mild side effects).

Like other edibles, gummies enter the digestive system and are released slowly throughout the body. They are as effective as any other form of CBD that enters the digestive system.

10. Best CBD Oil for Pain

For fast pain relief, try bioMD+ CBD oil under the tongue. Vaping is also fast, along with nasal sprays (although there are other reasons why vaping may not be the best choice).

If your pain is on or near your skin, use a CBD topical such as a gel or cream.

For other types of pain, a slower release can be effective, and you should consider trying CBD edibles or mixing CBD oil with your food.

CBD for Pain Relief: Try it for Yourself

While no one can promise you anything, CBD for pain relief is worth a try. It has worked for countless other pain sufferers, and the only way to know if it will work for you is to try it for yourself. Good sleep and effective pain management could be the key to the quality of life you dream of.

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