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Cara Santana Talks TheGlamApp and Caradisclothed

Actress, blogger, entrepreneur (and lucky girlfriend to Dallas star, Jesse Metcalfe), Cara Santana is changing the beauty world with her brand new app: TheGlamApp. Have you ever been jealous of all of the celebrities who have makeup artists, hair stylists, and manicurists come to their home or hotel room? For those days when you don’t have time to drive to your stylist or manicurist, this app will be your godsend.

With TheGlamApp, stylists, makeup artists, and manicurists come to you. Whether you’re looking for a complicated hairstyle or just a simple nail polish change, you can choose for someone to arrive the same day or you can set an appointment in advance. The best part is with competitive pricing, it won’t cost you more than your average appointment!

To talk more about her amazing new app, as well as her popular fashion blog Caradisclothed, Cara Santana sat down with us at Viva Glam Magazine.


Q&A with Cara Santana

When did you realize there was a hole in the market that made you want to create TheGlamApp?

When I wanted to get my hair and makeup done on the drop of a dime and didn’t want to pay a fortune. Haha. Kidding! Kind of. I just always felt that luxury beauty experiences were reserved for the rich and famous, but beauty should be accessible to all women. When you feel beautiful, as a woman, you are empowered. I wanted to empower all women, everywhere. So, the idea of affordable luxury beauty seemed important…and the TheGlamApp was born.

At this point, you have hair stylists, manicurists, and makeup artists for services. As the app grows in popularity, what other kinds of services do you hope to add on? What are other cities do you plan to launch in throughout the year?

We have a launch plan of two cities a month for six months. We are launching in New York City on April 22nd and have Vegas and San Francisco lined up in May, and so on. We want to be everywhere!
We are discussing additions actually. I think tanning and pedicures are a good start. Whatever the consumer wants, we want to give them to make life easier and more beautiful.


There are three different kinds of pricing for TheGlamApp: BSG, JRS, VIP. Describe the difference between them and why you thought it was important to include different pricing.

We wanted to make the app equally advantageous for the provider (the stylist) so opening up the app to all levels was important. Having stylists be able to build their brand and clientele was essential. Also, I wanted to make sure every woman from a college girl budget to a business woman could get GLAMMED up at a price that suited them. So, we’ve incentivized the stylists and made sure not to leave any client out!

You attend red carpet events often. What are some of your favorite red carpet beauty tips for photo-ready makeup and long-lasting wear?

I love a primer under the foundation and I always set it with a spray! I never use translucent powder or contouring. I’m a less is more approach. Also, pick one feature to really pop and keep everything else subdued to insure an effortless moment and not an overdone disaster.


Your blog, Caradisclothed, features fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. What inspires your posts?

My travels and my friends. I’m always so inspired seeing new cultures and traveling to new places. The people, the way they dress, their lifestyle — to me that’s so inspiring. I’m also so inspired by the women in my life who are independent, self-thinking and creative. I love bring introduced to new ideas through them!


What trends are you loving for Spring/Summer 2015?

I love bold prints and relaxed fits. It so effortless and chic.


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