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Cannabiva Review: Is the Strongest CBD in the World Worth It?

My journey with cannabidiol (CBD) is all about trying topicals, tinctures, and the odd gummy. Like an intrepid traveler, I’m curious, willing to explore, and only invest when a product really works for me. After finding a great skin soothing topical, CBD oil tinctures seemed like a logical next step for wellness enhancement. Touted as an anti-inflammatory agent with analgesic properties, CBD is a popular palliative for pain, anxiety, and depression.

Today, many people are turning to cannabinoids to relieve the stress of everyday life. It’s no fun to feel on edge, so any oil tincture that helps me chill from the inside out is a welcome addition to my medicine cabinet. Over the past few months, I’ve tried a few varieties of these tonics, including Cannabiva CBD 12000, which has the strongest CBD concentration available (400 milligrams of CBD in 1mL dropperful). 

Cannabiva CBD 12000 is a full spectrum CBD oil tincture that has been extracted from organic cannabis grown in the United States. Full spectrum CBD products include the complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in the whole plant at the time of processing. These beneficial compounds contribute to the entourage effect, a research-supported theory that the benefits of CBD are enhanced when the compounds are working together. The idea is that terpenes can strengthen the effects of cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD. Like flavonoids, they are being studied for their potentially anti-depressant and anti-cancer effects.

Just like red and white wines have different flavor profiles, individual strains of cannabis have different proportions of active ingredients, and not everyone will react the same way to a product. Some people are more sensitive to full spectrum CBD than others, and since the compounds stay in the body, it may take a while to know how well a particular preparation works for you. At first, there’s a fair amount of trial and error, but you can educate yourself by reading lab reports, expert opinions, and personal anecdotes like this one.

I wanted to try Cannabiva CBD 12000 because I was genuinely curious about how my body would react to such a highly concentrated tincture. My experience with gummies and other oils has taught me that I seem to be fairly sensitive to cannabinoids, so I don’t need much to feel an effect. Also, it’s best to use CBD as a counterbalance to stress, insomnia, or general negativity. When CBD works well for me, it can be calming and also help me focus on daily tasks. It also seems to help me sleep more deeply, so sometimes I take it at night. If there’s a downside, it’s that it is possible to have too much of a good thing. It’s possible to ingest too much CBD, which, for me, yields all the clumsiness and none of the pleasure of being intoxicated.

CBD oil tinctures are meant to be taken sublingually, so I started with a few drops under the tongue. I was aiming for a dosage of around 25 mg of CBD. This is easier said than done, because a quarter of a dropperful contains 100 mg of CBD. I knew from experience that 50 mg of CBD in one sitting could make me feel groggy and “out of it”, so it was hard to know what to expect. The oil itself is surprisingly refined and not too viscous. It definitely has the characteristic herbal aroma and flavor of cannabis, but it’s not in-your-face. Similarly, the experience of this CBD preparation has been unique. I started to notice a subtle leveling effect about 20 minutes after dosage. It felt like my sensitivity to the world was taken down a notch. Aiming for a dosage of 25 mg seemed completely reasonable, and I did this the next day. This experiment opened my eyes to how different individual formulations of CBD oil can be.

If you compare taking a full spectrum CBD oil tincture to listening to music, then the effects of taking Cannabiva 12000 CBD are a bit like listening to house music—it’s a distinctive experience with an unexpected clarity that is also analgesic. My other experiences with CBD oils have been more like listening to a brass band. I scanned the lab testing QR code on my Cannabiva 12000 CBD bottle and discovered differences in its phytochemical profile compared to other oils. Cannabiva 12000 CBD seems to have a much higher proportion of CBD relative to other cannabinoids in it. I am curious to know how the profile of Cannabiva 12000 CBD contributed to my particular CBD experience.

Overall, I think this product may be well suited for people with extreme anxiety or levels of pain who need high doses of CBD to provide immediate relief. For people interested in trying out a highly concentrated CBD product, Cannabiva 12000 CBD is certainly worth a look. The price is worth it if it helps you feel better, and the 90-day money back guarantee they offer is a great fallback in case it doesn’t.

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