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Candles are More than Just Beautiful, They Can Help You Manifest Your Intentions

Flames have captivated humankind since the invention of fire. Quickly after we realized that we could control fire (to an extent, of course) we began lighting fires for our own purposes: setting campfires, lighting our hearths to keep warm, and of course, utilizing candles for light. With our evolution throughout the centuries, candles have, in a way, grown and evolved with us as we find new uses for them.

Today, we don’t exactly need candles to light our homes, so, instead, we light candles for a variety of other reasons: for nice scents, for décor, and for intention. I’m sure you know all about candles used for scents and home décor (anyone who’s ever walking into Bath and Body Works knows about those), but what about candles to help you manifest your intention? Let’s talk about those a little bit more, as they’re not just beautiful, they’re also functional.

I’m sure many of you have heard about “manifestation” (if for no reason other than having read The Secret). Manifestation can be an important tool to live the life you want. In its base form, when you are focusing on bringing something into your life, you will be more likely to work towards it subconsciously. On a deeper level, if you believe in the law of attraction, manifestation can help you draw your intentions to you, as well. So, if you desire something strongly, you can light a candle with the intention of brining that thing into your life. And different colored candles and their flames can have different meanings as you manifest, set an intention, or even cast a spell.

Blue Candle Flames

With the color blue having such a strong spiritual, serene history to it, if a blue flame or blue smoke appears when you light your candle after expressing your intention, it can mean that the spirits have heard and are helping to work towards your request. Blue is generally a sign of spirit, benevolent spirits, and/or angelic spirits. So, think about lighting a blue candle to manifest protection or to block out unwanted negativity.

Pro tip: Be sure to keep an eye on the candle’s flame movement, as different types of flickering can also mean different things. For instance, a flickering candle can indicate that spirits are around you and/or that your intention will come to fruition. A dancing flame can indicate that your intention will come to you in a different way than you expected it to. So, be sure to pay attention to the flame.

Green Candle Flames

What do you think of when you think of the color green? I know I immediately think of nature and youth. I also think of wood elves, fairies, nymphs and tree spirits. So, naturally, if you light your candle and green smoke shows up, it means that mother nature can help with your manifestation. It can also symbolize abundance, wealth, and prosperity, another great symbol of the color green (money is green, after all). Because of this, if you’re looking to set an intention that involves money, wealth, prosperity, or nature, try to visualize a green candle flame to help with your intention. Or, better yet, light a green candle!

Yellow Candle Flames

Yellow is often associated with brightness and creativity, so when yellow smoke or flames show up, it’s a very good sign for you and your intention. It’s a sign that vibrant energy is around to support you with your intention. It can also symbolize new, fresh energy, which is something we can always use in our lives! Lighting a yellow candle can help with business intentions and divination.

So, the next time you want to manifest or set a strong intention, think about lighting a candle as a tool in your manifestation to help focus your energy. When you do, pay attention to the flame of the candle, as it may be able to give you messages as to the outcome of your intention.

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