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Can it Really Be True? A Simple Injection to Melt Away Fat!

Did you know that genetics greatly influence where fat will be deposited? And you might be fated to have a double chin or round belly no matter how much exercise you do? Well, don’t worry ladies, because now there is a new fat-melting treatment available, Aqualyx!


Aqualyx is an inexpensive, painless injection that melts body fat in certain areas of the body in just a few days! This procedure has been dubbed the “lunchtime liposuction” as it takes about an hour and there is little or no pain or scarring.


Aqualyx involves injecting a fat-digesting enzyme, deoxycholate, into fat pockets. This breaks down the fat cells that are then eliminated from your body through urine. Results can be seen in one treatment.















This is a safer, more cost effective alternative to liposuction. So if you are thinking about a more invasive treatment, consider Aqualyx first. Exercise and diet are always important, but for those pesky, hard-to-reduce areas, Aqualyx might be an effective solution for you!


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