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Can Denim on Denim Ever Work?

Fashion can be confusing. In one breath, were told there are no rules to fashion and it’s all about having fun and expressing yourself. In another, we’re reminded of the endless rules. Take off the last thing you put on, don’t mix prints, no white after Labor Day, and the one that haunts us most: NEVER wear denim on denim. Well, the world begs to differ. Over the past few years, double denim has made a huge comeback, much to *NSYNC’s satisfaction. Suddenly, we see the biggest no-no plastered across Vogue and featured on every runway. Despite its comeback, we’re still often told we’re doing it wrong! Well, we’re here to break down the many ways you can break this rule and still look stylish. Here are your tips and tricks on how to rock the Britney & Justin classic and get away with it!

Mix & Match

The best way to avoid looking fresh off the farm is to play around with different washes and colors. Make sure each denim piece has a very different shade to it. You can try pale blue with dark blue or whichever shades intrigue you.

photo credit: Official Dressed Blog

This is also a great way to showcase your favorite features of your body. The lighter denim will emphasize while the darker will really slim you down, so if you love your legs but feel a bit bloated on the top then just work your double denim to your advantage!

Embellishments Are Key

Denim on denim is mostly scary because you worry you’ll end up looking too matchy-matchy or appear to be drowning in it. Picking key pieces with some extra embellishments can help break up your outfit and avoid it looking too uniform.

photo credit: Urban Outfitters

You can go for a denim jacket with some pearl embellishments or even some graffiti painted on. For denim bottoms you can also find some with embroidery or bedazzled jeans. These slight extra touches can make a huge difference to your overall outfit!

Denim on Prints on Denim

Another great way to break it up and avoid looking too matchy is to throw in some prints. Instead of drawing all the attention to the fact that you’re wearing a lot of denim, throw on a printed T-shirt or classic tee to break things up and draw attention to it instead!

photo credit: Sydnestyle blog

This can work best if you’re wearing a denim jacket and some jeans; any printed top in between will help bring the two together without appearing to be wearing too much denim.

Rip Things Up

When it comes to the matching denim, it’s all about keeping your outfit looking trendy in order to pull it off. It’s no secret that it’s all about the ripped jeans as of late. People are either rocking a slightly distressed look or a pair of completely ripped up jeans.

photo credit: Glam Radar

Either way, playing around with distressed and ripped up jeans is a great addition to the denim on denim look and gives it a trendy edge.

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