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Can Blondes Get Away with Wearing Sage Green or Tan?

As you know, certain colors will pair well with your hair color. For example, wearing a red dress is recommended for blondes because it accentuates their golden tresses. Today, two of the most trending colors are sage green and tan, and these shades will look great on a lot of women. But, can blondes get away with wearing sage green and tan?

Blondes and Sage Green

Sage green is a grayish-green shade that radiates minimalism. It is a soft, earthy color that is gaining popularity nowadays. This is not surprising because it is subtle and chic at the same time.

A lot of women can wear sage green; however, this color works best on those with a light skin tone. But, what about blondes? Because sage green has a grayish shade, women with cool blond hair can wear this color. Unfortunately, this color is not recommended to blondes with a warm undertone. The reason is that it can make you look dull.

Blondes and Tan-Colored Clothes

Any shades of brown, including tan, will look great on blondes, especially those with warm blonde hair. In fact, this beautiful color can make you look sophisticated and chic. Plus, it can accentuate the color of your hair.

Women with cool blonde hair can also wear tan. However, clothes with a grayish undertone are better because they can make you look stunning.

Best Clothing Colors for Blondes

Warm Blondes

As you know, warm blonde hair is darker compared to cool blonde hair. Some examples are strawberry, golden, and honey blonde hair. Because you have darker strands, you have to pick clothing colors that will emphasize your golden tresses. Some of the best colors are:

  • Vibrant shades of red
  • Rust and orange
  • Yellow and mustard
  • Various shades of brown
  • Peach and Coral
  • Teal and periwinkle

Keep in mind that warm blondes should avoid cooler shades because these colors can make your skin look gray, making you look dull.

Cool Blondes

Compared to warm blondes, a cool blonder hair is lighter and a bit pale, like platinum or ash blonde. If you have light blonde hair, the colors that will accentuate your tresses are:

  • Turquoise and cobalt blue
  • Various shades of green
  • Pink and purple
  • Gray

Keep in mind that if you have cool blonde hair, you should avoid warm shades like yellow, orange, and red. The reason is that these colors can overpower your cool skin tone.


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