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Buying Vs. Building a Shed for Your Backyard: Which is Better?

So, you have started running out of space to store different items such as your gardening equipment and other items you do not use often. When you start looking around for a solution to your storage problem, you will come across a shed as a viable option. A shed is a great option for this because you can store anything you do not want in the house or that you do not use often. It frees up lots of space and saves you some money especially if you are looking for a long-term solution. Before getting one, you need to decide between building and buying one. This article looks at both sides so you can decide what would work for you.

Everything Is Already Done for You When You Buy

The major advantage of buying a shed, and that is an anchor for the other benefits you get with this option, is that everything is done for you. All you need is to get in touch with a company that builds sheds to see which options they have.

They typically have sheds made of different materials such as plastic, metal and wood. You also get to choose from different types of sheds such as workshop, pent and garden sheds. Once you decide on a size, the next step is picking a size and waiting for it to be built.

Once built, companies like Buy Sheds Direct also provide delivery for orders within the UK.  Buy Sheds Direct guarantees a free next week delivery so you can have the shed in your backyard in very little time. You can visit to see the shed options they have, choose from different shed sizes, and arrange for one to be built and delivered. All their buildings are very affordable and built to the highest quality to ensure longevity.

Design and Building Considerations

When you decide to buy a shed, you are limited to the designs the company building one for you has. Many companies will have different designs available, but that is how far your options go. Building one gives you the leeway to design and build the shed however you want.

There is a caveat though; you need to know how to build the shed. It might not seem like it but building a shed can become complicated quickly if you do not have the required knowledge. You need some architectural, planning and design skills to build a shed that will hold up over time.

The professionals who build sheds already have these skills so you can lean on their experience and expertise to get a shed that is designed and built to the latest standards.

Choosing this option also comes with advantages such as additional security because these professionals think about this when building the shed. They do this with the knowledge that the shed will be sitting outside and might be a target for malicious actors.


Building a shed is typically cheaper than buying one. That is because you do not have to pay for professional labour, and you can source affordable materials from whichever hardware has the best deals at the time.

However, this cost is only justifiable if you are looking at the build in isolation. When you start factoring in things like the tools you need for the build, the costs start adding up quickly. Even when you decide to rent the tools you need, you still have to pay for them.

If you own the tools already, it is likely you have already built something by yourself in the past, so you are unlikely to be in the demographic thinking about whether to buy or build one.

Time Considerations

Building a shed, no matter how small, will require some time investment. Depending on the availability of the tools you need and the level of your skills, you might be able to finish one in a couple of long afternoons.

However, the project can drag on for longer than you think if you have other commitments such as family and work. Do you have enough time to commit to both while still finding time to plan, design and build the shed?

If the answer is no, then buying one is the better option. Many people start such a project thinking they will find the time somewhere. From anecdotal evidence of people who have taken on such projects, there is a significant likelihood that it might end up sitting unfinished for a long time, after which you have to start over or buy a finished one.

Quality of Work Done

The quality of the shed will depend on the tools you have, how much you have to finish it and the level of your skills. If one of these things is lacking, the final build quality will not be as great as you might want it to be.

For example, you might want to rush the build because you do not have too much time to spend on the project. With the final quality likely being less than the desired quality, you then have to spend extra time and money to fix any issues in the final build.

You do not have to worry about any of these things when you buy a shed. You know there are professionals behind the planning, designing, and building of the shed so the final product will be of satisfactory quality.


Continuing from above, many companies will also cover anything you are not happy with. For example, the door hinges might not be affixed properly, and you might be worried they present a security issue.

The manufacturer’s warranty will also cover repairs or replacement within a given period. Just know that they do not cover any defects that are caused by normal use. Also, ensure you check the company has such a warranty in place so that you have peace of mind once you complete the purchase.

Budget Control

Building your own shed gives you a lot of control when it comes to where you spend the money. You might decide that you want the main structure up and will install the insulation later. You might also decide to save a little on the insulation so you can install an extra window.

Another option is making the shed smaller so that you use less material and spend the amount saved on something like extra electrical outlets or a better base for the shed.

Space Considerations

Companies that build sheds will typically have predefined shed sizes for you to choose from. Many also build sheds of different sizes if you request this service. This means you get some flexibility if you do not have a lot of space to spare.

This may be because your backyard has limited space remaining or placing the shed somewhere else means it might be too close to your neighbour’s or too easy to access.

In these cases, talking to the company to build a custom shed is an option, and its absence means you have to build the shed yourself.

Buying or building a shed both have pros and cons that you should consider carefully before choosing either option. Building one gives you a lot of leeway to build one exactly how you like but buying one can save you a lot of time and increase the likelihood of having the shed in your backyard as soon as you need one.

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