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Tone a Butt that Defies Gravity

Butt that Defies Gravity

Anyone with kids or over the age of 30 has come to acknowledge the fact that gone are the days of a butt looking good with little to no effort; yes, as sad as it is to say… eventually age does take its toll and gravity pulls things downward without proactive confrontation. Everyone wants a good butt, one that looks toned and elevated as opposed to fat and saggy. However, most of the time the problem isn’t a lack of a desire for that perfect butt, it’s a lack of time and knowledge on the subject. For those who do end up working out, without the proper exercises, they figure out very quickly that they’re merely spinning their wheels with no results. That’s why there’s a few great go-to exercises that are just as effective as they are fast, as long as you’re consistent.


Jump Squats

Jump squats are a form of explosive resistance training that really does a world of good for the hips, thighs and buttocks. Studies have shown that explosive resistance training is great for building muscle; in fact, they’re just as effective (if not, more) as slow and intense exercises at the gym. The key to keeping jump squats as well as other resistance training exercises effective is to do each rep quickly and explosively with every effort and fiber of your being. Bare in mind that repetition is key at a longer duration, but without performing exercises explosively, you’ll more or less fall into a toning category before falling into a muscle building one, and if you’re trying to tone and build that muscle in your butt, this is key.

For example, regular squats (feet shoulder width apart, dropping down to bent knees and then coming back up) repeated quickly until failure will tone your legs and butt, and will build strength. Jump squats (feet shoulder width apart, dropping down to bent knees and then explosively jumping up) repeated quickly will really add the muscle, which is really what gives the butt that healthy elevated look. So what’s the difference, really? When you move beyond regular squats and begin with jump squats, you’re forcing your muscles to push past the resistance of your own body weight, into the resistance of gravity as well. It builds stamina and takes the entire workout to a new level.


Butt Jump Squats




If you have some tension you need to work out in your lower back but want to work your butt at the same time, you couldn’t do much better than the hip-lift. You’ll start by lying on your back with your arms at your sides, bending your needs and placing your feet firmly on the floor (as an added note, try laying down an exercise mat, otherwise your tailbone is going to have a few things to tell you once you’re done with this exercise). Once you are in position, simply lift your hips upward, and hold the position for a single count. Do this for a total of 60 counts and then return to the starting position.



Butt Hip Raise Bridge


Squat with Leg Raises

This is a matter of keeping your balance, so if you’re not good at it then you might want to skip this exercise. Still, it’s a great way to tighten our glutes, and the coordination requirement isn’t terribly high. The first thing you need to do is stand with your feet hip-width apart, and in each hand, hold a 5 lb dumbbell. Next you’re going to bend your right leg and raise it three inches off the floor while extending your arms in front of you at chest level, palms down. Hold this position while raising your left arm above your head. Hold this position to the count of three, and then return your arm to its previous position. Alternate between arms for eight reps, doing four on each arm. One done, alternate legs and start again.



Butt squat with leg lifts


Don’t Forget About Cardio

Sometimes people get so fixated on results, that they only focus on their target area and don’t really address their body and the process of toning and building muscle as a whole. One of the best things that you can do for your butt? Keep up with cardio. Jump squats and area-targeted exercises aside, don’t forget that the number one way to burn fat is to get that heart rate elevated and to keep it there. Set a few cardio goals for yourself, and keep in mind they don’t need to be intense or time-consuming. Whether you love jogging, or you simply want to jump rope from your garage .¨ both will provide the cardio exercise you need to keep that fat burning. Keep in mind if you’re jogging that speed or distance doesn’t matter as much as time does; in other words, the longer your heart rate is elevated, the more fat you’ll burn.


unsplash christopher campbell photography brunette woman stretching arms

Christopher Campbell Photography


With a great consistent (three or four times a week) combination of cardio and explosive resistance training – specifically jump squats, you’ll notice your butt toning and building muscle, and you’ll have that butt that defies gravity in no time.






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