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Bunk’d’s Karan Brar Talks Diversity in Television, Education, and his Minimalist Sense of Style

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Season two of Bunk’d premieres this summer. What can we expect of Ravi this season?

Ravi definitely grows up. I know that’s a cliche answer but we really cracked him down so much. He’ll always be the same Ravi, but he’ll be more of a human being. We’ve changed his wardrobe, the way he acts, but we’re not going to wipe the slate clean, just push it a little further.

With Bunk’d, we’ve [already] skydived, made a fake lake…we’re pushing it farther than that this season! It’s going to be a lot more extreme and going to be a lot of fun. For me, as I’m reading the episodes, some of them blow me away. I’m just hoping the fans like it!

You’ve grown up on TV playing this character on two different shows. Has playing the role of Ravi taught you anything about yourself?

Definitely! The reason I love acting is that I can step into someone else’s shoes. The same goes for Ravi. He’s one of those people who needs to breathe, think things out, and be compassionate. I think that’s something I get from Ravi. I’ve learned so much from him as a character. I always remind myself whenever I do anything that this character is taking the time to take care of his siblings. He’s such a pure and kind person.

Do you find it hard for your fans to separate your role of Ravi from the real you?

At times it can be pretty difficult. They don’t even believe it’s me sometimes. They’ll be like .≤Hey, it’s Ravi! But you don’t have an accent!’ I grew up in the States! I’ll throw people off. They’ll be looking at me, hear me talk, and think it’s not me. It’s funny, especially for kids. I’ll do the voice for them and it makes their day, which is so adorable. My friends will [also] have me record their voicemail [message].

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