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Build Relationships Not Contracts

A huge mistake that many people tend to make when running a business is treating people like numbers. Experience tells us that we have to be callous, and that we need to detach ourselves emotionally from every situation, but we’re here to tell you that it’s more important to build relationships than contracts – you never know when a relationship is going to come in handy, and you never know when it’s going to save your business. So why is it that you need to build those relationships? How is it going to help you in the long run?

Relationships Open Doors

When you first start your business there is a good chance that you won’t be making money, and that’s actually pretty common .¨ it takes some time to build yourself up! Don’t worry, you’ll get the money flowing soon enough, but you need to make sure you’re setting up the groundwork for future business opportunities!

Get to know people. Find individuals in your niche who have already become successful, figure out what it is that they are doing, and most importantly, figure out what they did right. This shouldn’t be hard for you; they’re in your niche and you already have quite a bit in common with them. If you can’t find something to talk about, then you’re going about this all wrong.

By introducing yourself to the right people and building these relationships, you’re going to open the door for more business opportunities down the road whether it’s with them, or with the people they know. Remember, networking is essential in any business, and you never know when a cup of coffee, a game of golf, or a dinner at a fancy restaurant is going to generate a lead, even if it doesn’t happen right away.

It’s All About Long Term Prosperity

Remember, you might not be cultivating results right now, but there is no reason to be short sided in any industry. You need to be vigilant, and you need to be able to see ahead. Once you establish these relationships, you may very well be able to create opportunities for both parties that are mutually beneficial. In the business world, everyone works together to benefit the other, and you need to understand that no one ever got to the top on their own. This also applies to suppliers, consultants, and all manner of other people who come into your circle. It’s all about growth.

How will you define your business? How will you make it grow? As you grow from a simple idea into a highly profitable organization, you’re going to find that the relationships you forged early on played a huge role in getting you where you are – don’t pass those up!

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