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Budapest Travel Guide

If you are planning a trip to Budapest and are looking for advice on the same, simply read this article and you will get to know all that you want! Budapest is a beautiful city.  There is plenty to do and see whilst you are staying in the city, and if you have the opportunity to live in one of the Budapest apartments, either because you live in the city, or because you have hired it for a week or so, then you will be able to take a walking tour in this beautiful city. People travel from miles around, including people from neighboring Poland, who are used to living in a Krakow apartment, or those from further a field such as in Italy renting apartments in Milan for example.  These people from other areas of the world do not have the opportunity to see the kinds of walking tours in their own countries as can be found in Budapest.

What to do in Budapest?

Some of the more adventurous tours in Budapest are found in trails all around the outskirts of the city.  Near to Budapest located on the Blue Danube, you will be able to find the Pilis walks. Pilis is a place where you can take some impressive one-day hiking trails. By climbing the Danube banks and exploring the ancient forest in this area, you can really see the timeless routes that Budapest has to offer.  You will find this walk to be both exhilarating and breathtaking.  The scenery is beautiful and the walk is highly energizing.

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Fishermen’s Bastion in Budapest in the sunset

Hungary itself has some beautiful mountains and whilst Bakony may not be the highest, it does offer some great hiking trails. Of all the walking tours you can take in this area you should certainly consider taking a tour through the 30 castle ruins around this location.  Whilst it would be impossible to see all 30 castles in a short amount of time, most people choose to set aside 3 days to explore the best of the ruins.  This is again a walk that will require a lot of energy, as you will need to make the hike between ruins and be able to explore the castles and wine cellars in this area.

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If you don’t have the agility to take a more adventurous route, you should think about taking one of the more gentle classic routes around Budapest.  One great walking tour that you can take within Budapest which is fun for the whole family – including your children, then the walking route of Einstand is a great choice.  It takes you around the area of a young Hungarian protagonist in a well-known Hungarian novel called the Paul Street Boys.  You can take a tour of the area that the book is based upon.  It is interesting to see this route and it will help you to picture the events of the book in a more realistic way.

Walking through the Roads of Budapest

So you’ve traded your apartment in Krakow, apartments in Warsaw, apartments in London or apartments in Madrid to travel to Budapest to spend 24 hours in Budapest to experience the pleasures that you can find when hiring apartments in Budapest for the night?  24 hours isn’t long, and so you should plan in advance, know what you want to do and be economical with your time so that you can squeeze in as many activities as you can in this short time.  Of course, you can choose one of the many hotels to stay in whilst you are in Budapest, but there are many apartments that are available to rents whilst you are staying for a short time in Budapest too. When you return back tired, enjoy uk casino games  from the comfort of your hotel or just sleep tight!

You are in luck when you are in Budapest for such as short amount of time because Budapest has some excellent public transport links.  Getting around in the City is no chore and you will not even have the language barrier if you do not speak Hungarian.  Most people in Budapest speak English well so this will not detract from your 24 hours either. The House of terror museum in Budapest is an interesting place that you can visit.  It is a good idea to choose this place before you have eaten your lunch in the morning, as the museum offers some gory and intense memorials of those who were tortured and murdered in Hungary during several 20thcentury dictatorships.

tourist attractions in budapest hungary
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Gundel is located in the city part and it is a lovely lunch restaurant where you can go for a light lunch during your 24-hour stay in Budapest.  In the afternoon, whilst you are working off the lunch, you can always take a walk around the beautiful old town area of Budapest.  There are many old fashioned architecture, as well as many shops and various stalls where you can browse and maybe pick up a souvenir of your 24 hour stay. 

Take a trail up to the beautiful castle hill whilst you are taking your walks around Budapest. Castle Hill is probably the best place in Budapest to see a breathtaking view of the area around the city.  If you are a photographer, then this is a prime location for you to take snapshots of your stay. After all that walking, you are bound to be hungry again. Why not head over to Liszt Ferenc square, where you can find many restaurants and great places to enjoy an evening meal at the end of your day.

The night Life

Some people enjoy the nightlife too.  Whilst it may be advisable not to tire yourself out with the nightlife shenanigans that Budapest has to offer, all the same, you can take advantage of the joys of Budapest’s vibrant and exciting night life in such bars and clubs as Negro, White Heaven, Holdudvar or the Crazy Café. You will find beautiful people and great drinks on offer when you are out and about in Budapest at the nighttime.

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