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Brooke Lewis: “We Need to Value Ourselves More”

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Do you consider yourself a hot mess? A lot of women do and it’s not always a bad thing. Women are told to do it all: have a dating life, start a family, have a stellar career, and do all of that while looking like a bombshell. It’s a lot to balance. Life coach/TV dating expert, and self-professed hot mess, Brooke Lewis, understands that.

Brooke Lewis is an actress, author, celebrity dating expert, radio host, and board-certified life coach. She has coached for many reality shows, including ones on Lifetime. She also is a column writer for The Huffington Post and recently released a coaching book titled, “Coaching from a Professed Hot Mess.”

We talked to Brooke to get her professional advice on dating in Hollywood, her own experience meeting over 1000 men using online dating, and how to be patient so you can find the man of your dreams. Dating is an art form and she can help you find what you want.


Q&A with Brooke Lewis

In the title of your book, you call yourself a hot mess. In what ways do you consider yourself a “hot mess”?

Have you seen me rocking a red carpet when it’s raining? It’s frizz central! As women, we panic. Our head says how awful we look. I’m such a hot mess. I’m so emotional. I’m hypersensitive. Sometimes the stress of Hollywood and being a career woman doing 50 things at once gets to me. I think so many women feel the same way. We have so much to handle and to be responsible for these days. It’s stressful! We have to stop trying to be perfect. Life is not perfect. That’s what my hot mess is.


After acting and producing as your main profession, what made you want to become a dating and life coach?

I was the girl, even in high school, that all of my friends came to for dating advice. I fancy myself as being fair and objective. I try not to judge. I judge about myself; that’s part of my hot mess. I come from a space of love and I really allow everyone to have their own experiences. I’ve always had this deep intuition and empathy. Acting is the love of my life, but I love coaching so much.

How it came to me after all of these years, my Philly Chick Pictures almost went under and I was forced to take a step back. My actress rates got cut down by one-third. I [asked myself], “what can I do to inspire me as a backup that also inspires others?”

I was a single woman dating like a maniac. I met over 1200 men online in 15 years. After I did a teen talk show pilot, “Ms. Vampy,” I got so inspired by coaching these girls that I went back to school to the Life Purpose Institute and built my life coach company.


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