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Bora Bora: A Jewel in the Pacific

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It’s time to book your getaway to Bora Bora.

The paradisiacal destination of Bora Bora is an oceanic coral island that’s part of French Polynesia, located northwest of Tahiti. It is formed by an extinct volcano and is surrounded by a lagoon separated from the sea by a reef, which gives it the appearance of an infinite pool thanks to its calm waters.

Many of those who have been lucky enough to visit this place described its residents as relaxed, warm, and welcoming. Here are some great facts about the jewel of the pacific:

Its climate is tropical throughout the year, although the rains are abundant between November and April.

Very small islands are accessible because the waters that surround them quite shallow, including some in which the sea reaches up to the waist!

Most of the hotels adopted the standard model of bungalows on stilts in the lagoon. The prices are of a wide range; it goes from affordable bungalows that have basic services to very luxurious accommodations, fit for a (Silicon Valley) king.

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