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“Glamour is the quality of being fascinating, thrilling, alluring, and charming. There is a mystique behind it, a certain perception of strength and power.”

What is a “VIVA GLAM” style photoshoot? 

The “VIVA GLAM” style that we have created is a modern version of classic glamour where the style encompasses a very feminine quality. It is romantic and gorgeous. 

Booking your “VIVA GLAM” style photoshoot

Still today, one of the biggest dreams a model can have is to be published in a magazine. A good reputable magazine. Because print is becoming a more exclusive item- in many cases, collectible- the opportunities to be featured are decreasing. Yet, with the rise of social media there are somehow more and more models. Since our launch in 2012, we have been approached by countless aspiring models and asked to produce that “VIVA GLAM” style photoshoot for them. After years of debating, we have decided to introduce this opportunity to everyone- not only aspiring models- who likes to own beautiful photos of themselves whether it is for their own purpose, social media, or to get published. We are excited to present this opportunity to you with the below package:


The VIVA GLAM team will produce a full photoshoot for you including 4 different looks. This package will include the photography, the organization and set up of the shoot, hair and makeup, and styling. 

Your package will also include an on-set lunch and snacks. 


With your package, you will receive a copy of all the raw images taken at the shoot. You will also receive 5 retouched photos. **Each additional retouched photo will cost $28/each. 

PRICE OF FULL PACKAGE (Includes both production and post production): $5,000 USD

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Questions? Email Malorie at [email protected]


The location fees of the photoshoot are not included in the rate. Talent is welcome to book the location of their choice. VIVA GLAM Magazine is also happy to consult on location options.

**Please note that we like to use where you can check the rates and find a location that you like if you don’t already have one.

The package does not include video. The talent is welcome to bring their own videographer to the shoot. 


This package is for those local to the Los Angeles area or those willing to either fly to the LA area for their shoot or pay to have the VIVA GLAM team flown to shoot at a different location. 

Cancellation Policy: If the talent needs to cancel the photoshoot, he/she may do so no later than (14 days) prior to the shoot date to receive a full refund. If the shoot needs to be rescheduled, it has to be rescheduled no later than 7 days prior to the shoot date or else the talent will lose his/her deposit. We are not responsible for any location fees that arise from canceling or changing your photoshoot date.

The day of the photoshoot will be a total of 8 hours, and it will not exceed 8 hours. If the model is late on the date of the shoot, that time will be deducted from his/her 8-hour day. You will receive the raw files from your shoot within 7 days. You will receive the retouched images within 7 days after your selection has been given to us.

The 4 looks of each photoshoot will be discussed, planned, and approved prior to the shoot.

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