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Bombshell Sportswear is an innovative collection carefully created and developed for women who are fashion forward with everything in life, including sportswear. The dynamic duo of glamour and sportswear allows for the ultimate in luxury fitness couture that will stand the test of time. “The fitness industry has become a global phenomenon and our goal is to take ordinary sportswear and give it a luxurious makeover. We’ve infused glamour into health and fitness and fashion to create an appealing, sleek brand to make any female look and feel like a Bombshell.” says Dominique Zimmermann, CEO of Bombshell Sportswear.

Manufactured in the USA only, the garments are bold and fresh with a cutting edge extravagant flare. Blending comfort with style, this alluring collection focuses on the perfect fit while incorporating sophisticated details that are youthful, flirtatious and beautiful. All of the unique embellishments are inspired by the latest lingerie and runway fashion trends, capturing the true essence of elegance and beauty. Bombshell’s premium quality trims include the finest laces, satin bows, dazzling crystals, and charming diamond jeweled pieces created for every woman’s inner indulgence. This collection makes a bold statement that will show off the Bombshell in every woman.



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