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Boho Braids: The Hairstyle that's Rocking Instagram This Season

If what you are looking for is to be comfortable and relaxed in your day to day look for the summer, then the boho braids are the best choice for you. This boho chic hairstyle has a great hippie influence mixed with an eclectic and artistic inspiration from the 60s and 70s. It adapts perfectly to many personalities combining different musical inspirations including grunge, folk, and country.
In order to master the boho braid style, it is important to maintain a delicate balance between the messy and styled. The fundamental basis of a boho braid is to be relaxed, casual, and 100% yourself.

You can wear your braids as is, or you can accessorize your braids with a bandana, hat, or headband.
If you’d like a photo to reference before you give it a go, head over to Instagram and see all the pics from the recent edition of Coachella, the world famous music festival celebrated in the Californian Valley, where thousands of girls wore their hair in boho braids.

Feathered cornrows inspired by @la13_hair and @myhairstyle_xo ❤️

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Here’s a simple guide to a very basic version of this chic hairstyle.

  1. Part your hair in two, following your natural line.
  2. Make a braid on each side with all your hair. You can start at the root or go for a more loose and deconstructed style. It depends on what you want! Of course, once you have finished them, fix them with hairpins.
  3. Bring the braids to the back and join them in a low ponytail.
  4. Remove the hairpins, brush them out (if you want them a bit looser), and voilà!

You can also find some #inspo on the world of high fashion. Jill Stuart and Stella Jean combined their designs with thin, messy braids and it was the perfect way to make a feminist statement in their SS18 collections. Inspired by women who are able to show strength and delicacy at the same time, this look mixed the casual grunge and bohemian with romantic waves full of softness.

As you can see, the boho braids can be styled to accessorize many different kinds of outfits.. Surprise yourself with the wonderful looks that you can create.


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