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Bogotá, Colombia: A City of Art, Adventure, and Architecture

Experience all that Bogotá, Colombia has to offer and more!

Perhaps you first heard of Bogotá and Cartegena, Colombia in the classic adventure film, “Romancing the Stone”.  In it, actress Kathleen Turner travels to Colombia in search of her sister.  As she travels through Colombia, she experiences adventure and excitement like nowhere else on the planet.

And it’s true! Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, is a diverse melting pot of people from all over this country.  It is where the ancient world meets the modern city.  It is also the largest city in Colombia and it is rich in history and architecture.

It is a city known for its food, customs, and unique people. This spectacular city is one not to miss!

The Gold Museum

It has been said, “all that glitters is gold”. The Museo Del Oro is dedicated to over 55,000 pieces of this precious metal. In fact, the Museo Del Oro the largest collection of Pre-Hispanic gold in the world!


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