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Body Makeup: Everything To Know About The Latest Celebrity Beauty Trend

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Unless you are living an Instagram-free life, you must’ve noticed the countless posts featuring body parts, especially legs covered in makeup. If you have never thought about your legs or shoulders as the perfect canvas for a makeover, you might change your mind after seeing all the jaw-dropping before and afters. Everyone from celebrities to influencers is obsessed with body makeup RN. We gathered the best tips for getting the desired shape and flawless skin with the help of body makeup products and techniques.

Body Makeup Everything To Know About The Latest Celebrity Beauty Trend 1
Photo By @kimkardashian/Instagram

Cult-favorite beauty brands including Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, MAC and from recently KKW Beauty started offering products such as body foundations and highlighters. Kim Kardashian’s social media accounts are now full of mini-tutorials on how to get sexy legs and cover every imperfection. The reality star hasn’t invented body makeup, but she sure made it a trending topic.

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