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Black Tie Event: How to Find Your Perfect Dress

Getting an invitation that reads “black tie dress code” might be a little intimidating. You are probably already panicking with the thought of it. There are so many people out there that are not exactly sure what this means, and with the many huge changes in fashion recently, it’s completely understandable. At times it might be very hard to decide, whether you have the right dress, or even if you think that you have it, is it appropriate? For men, things are much easier. It is clear that they have to wear a tuxedo, and there is no other option. But for women, things can get complicated. Usually, it is the overthinking that makes it worse. The rules for a black tie event can be very plain, simple, and easy to follow if you have the right guide.

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What Exactly is The Black Tie Dress Code?

This dress code is reserved for elegant evenings and events. It is one of the most formal dress codes that applies usually for galas, weddings, and other elegant gatherings. These social events start after 6 p.m.; you definitely have to be ready for a glamorous evening where men are going to be dressed in suits or tuxedos, and women are going to radiate in fancy dresses. The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to wear black and it’s the best time to dress up. Have fun exploring with your perfect makeup and hair.

What Kind of Dress Should You Wear?

Dress codes were more strict in the past when women were only allowed to wear long gowns. A black tie event required only long, elegant dresses, while short ones and women’s suits weren’t exactly allowed. But nowadays, contemporary fashion made things much easier. The best and easiest option is still a glamorous floor-length gown. It is the perfect match for a black tie dress code and it’s also the safest option. This way you will know that you are wearing something appropriate and that you won’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

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Since rules are not that limiting anymore, ladies can also wear formal cocktail dresses. In other words, if you don’t have an elegant long gown, there are other options for you. They can be midi, or short, but as long as the dress is not too short it will do the job. The purpose is to look smart and glamorous. The ideal dress shouldn’t reveal too much. As for the cut and design, there aren’t too many rules. You can go with a voluminous gown, mermaid style, A-style, and more. Always avoid styles that are too tight and extremely revealing.

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Voluminous, floor-length skirts can also be your choice. Make sure to pair them with an elegant silk or chiffon blouse. Sequins, silk, embellishments, and embroideries are welcome.

Don’t be afraid to go with pants. Pants are currently huge right now, in many forms and designs. A unique thing you can do is wear a women’s suit. You can don a matching suit or you can mix and match. You can even choose simple black pants with an eye-catching sequined blazer or a stylish black jumpsuit. A lot of celebrities rock amazing jumpsuits on red carpet appearances, so that is a celebrity-approved option.

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Which Colors Are Appropriate?

You can feel free to experiment with colors, as long as it’s done with taste. If you are attending a wedding, definitely don’t wear white. With floor-length gowns, you can go with any color that you want, including brighter and fun colors. But for the short cocktail dresses is recommended to choose them in darker and rich shades such as black, brown, maroon, or even metallics. That will make the dress look classier and more glamorous.

It’s Not All About the Dress

Your dress is a big part of the appearance, but not the only. Finish off the look with statement heels or strappy sandals. Avoid bringing a big purse and, instead, find the perfect clutch that goes best with the dress and shoes. And last, but not least, hair and makeup. Even if you are a person that doesn’t really enjoy makeup, the black tie event requires a sophisticated and glamorous look. Most of the women will choose an elegant updo or classy voluminous curls.

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