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Biggest Hair Color Trends for 2020

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2020 is just weeks away! And if you’re like us, you’re getting excited about that “New Year – new me thing.” No, we are not talking about New Year’s resolutions that you’ll forget by the second week of January. We like to use this event as an excuse to book in the salon and refresh our appearance with a brand new dye job. In the past weeks, we’ve been stalking hair gurus on Instagram and talked with our favorite hairstylist to detect the biggest 2020 hair color trends. We gathered the prettiest hair colors to honor the beginning of the new decade in style.

Pastel Hair

biggest hair color trends for 2020
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Photo By @lexiesciortino/Instagram

All hair colors in the pastel spectrum will be alive and well in 2020. The best thing about these dye jobs is that you get to rock a unique hair color without taking major risks. Pastel shades are more wearable and wash out pretty nicely.

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