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How to Still Have Big Boobs After Removing Your Breast Implants

With the rapid growth of cases of BII (breast implant illness), more and more women are choosing to remove their breast implants or are choosing to stay natural. However, a desire to have beautiful, large cleavage will likely always remain among women as it represents fertility, femininity, and sex appeal, especially among younger women.

I had my breast implants in for 11 years before I had them removed. While I was lucky enough not to get any serious illness from them, I definitely experienced my fair share of side effects while having a chest like Carmen Electra did in her early years.

Four years after having my implants removed, I love having my natural breasts again. But there are definitely times when I could use the extra cup size and lift because after removing my breast implants, the breast pockets did become flatter as they lost their breast tissue. Regular bras do serve well enough to hold my breasts comfortably and contain them in a natural way; however, when I need that extra cup size, I like to use the Up Bra which, in my opinion, is a very innovative brand that provides bras that give you the cleavage you didn’t even know you could have.

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My favorite bra to wear from this brand is the t-shirt bra, as it is perfectly designed to be worn under tank tops and t-shirts. It has unique padding found within the cups that help to lift those who have larger cup sizes. This way, those with Ds and DDs can get the extra lift and pushup they normally don’t have.

What’s amazing about these bras is that instead of pulling the adjustment straps to lift from your shoulders, you are pulling on a strap that moves your breasts on the inside of the bra closer together or higher up. You see, this bra contains a strap within the bottom center of the bra that you can pull to achieve this. So, the straps are not cutting into my shoulders, which has always made me very uncomfortable. You’re moving the components within the bra, not the bra closer together. And, because of that technology, this bra can also work as a strapless bra that actually works.

So, when I wear this bra, my breasts look as big as they did when I had the implants in, if not bigger. Maybe this is the secret of so many of these social media influencers!


The Vampire Breast Lift

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