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Better Ways To Boost Your Energy


You can easily boost your energy by drinking more green tea, eating foods enriched with Vitamin B and taking supplements like B12, and carrying convenient coffee extract energy sticks like pure LYFT. Coffee alternatives are becoming more popular with on-the-go products for healthy living.



I usually need some sort of caffeine to get through my day. I start my morning with a hot green tea and continuously drink it throughout the day. I even tried pure LYFT and added it to my teas for an extra energy boost. It’s totally 100 percent vegan friendly without any artificial flavors or sweeteners and non-GMO certified.



Meal planning is also essential to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel spots, bok choy, and collard greens are superfoods that give you essential vitamins. Each green has high levels of Vitamin B and if you didn’t know Vitamin B is known to increase your energy levels. I add one or two highly nutritional foods to my meals with a protein and a carb to balance out my energy levels.


unsplash paul morris baskets of greens veggies

Photo by Paul Morris via Unsplash


Coconut water is a popular product and I get the best of both worlds by using Coconut Greens, which contains 8-10 servings of veggies per scoop. I carry it and put it in my water before or after intense workouts. You stay hydrated from the coconut waer component and also get your vitamins from the veggies.




I recommend taking Vitamin B 12 if you still feel depleted from all of the real world responsibilities. Hydration is key to staying energized. I constantly drink water and tea to clear out any toxins. Think ahead, meal plan, take your vitamins, bring a caffeine stick, or coconut water to increase your energy levels.



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