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Best Walking Shoes For Travel: A Simple Guide

Traveling requires adequate preparation beforehand, and picking the right shoes should be one of the priorities. Comfort is highly desired in traveling, whether for short or long distances.

When shopping for shoes, you should consider several things such as the shoe’s footbed and midsoles that facilitate the comfort of the heels and foot arch, a roomy toe box for ease in movement of the toes, and to prevent blisters. 

Let’s, therefore, take a look at some of the shoes commended as best walking shoes for travel:

1. Sol Sana Mila Slides

These leather slides are incredibly versatile. They’ll allow your feet to breathe because you can easily kick them off and put them back on with ease when traveling. Their cushioned insole makes them highly comfortable when walking. You can shop Sol Sana shoes, heels, and boots here.

2. Rothy’s The Sneaker

This is a slip-on sneaker that is lightweight, firm, and well-knit. The upper part of the sneaker is made of upcycled material, but the sole is strong enough for a whole day’s walk. What adds to this sneaker’s reputation is that you can wash both the sneaker and the removable insole in a washing machine. 

3. Olukai Upena Sandal 

If you want to travel in open shoes and not compromise on comfort, this sandal is what you need. These crisscrossed leather sandals have a fantastic footbed that’s slightly raised and nicely accommodates and supports the foot arch. Additionally, they hold on to your feet with the adjustable ankle strap and toe loop. What makes them commendable is that you don’t have to add insoles to them because they’re comfortable just as they are.

4. Allbirds Wool Runner

This is referred to as the best casual sneaker for travel. It’s made of superfine merino wool, which is soft and cozy and is as light as a slipper. The sneaker has an S shape outsole that distributes and supports your weight. Word on the ground from reviewers is excellent for people who are almost always on their feet. Here’s a pro tip: size up a little for a better experience.

5. Everlane Day Glove Flat

These all-weather flat shoes are very comfortable and have durable rubber soles that prevent slipping off your feet. They nicely hold on to your feet by taking on their shape. That isn’t to say that they’ll leave your feet cramped up, as they have side vents to prevent overheating. This shoe has an added advantage as it’ll save you a lot of packing space when traveling because you can wear it with almost anything. It can be worn casually with jeans or a dress and also formally for work or business

6. Toni Pons Ter Slingback Espadrille Sandal

Are you looking to travel but still rock your heeled shoes? Espadrille from Toni Pons has you covered. It has a supportive, flexible sole, and it quickly moves with your feet as you walk. The comfortable features of this shoe don’t end there. It has a slingback strap with elastic bands which grip your feet to the shoe and ensure they don’t come off. It also has a padded footbed that makes it very comfortable to walk in all day. That is not all; these espadrilles have a roomy toe box that fully accommodates wide feet. Well, now you know what heeled sandals you’re getting for your next trip.

7. Kork-Ease Ryder Ankle Boot

These boots may look oversize but, they have a contoured footbed that facilitates sufficient arch support. The Kork-Ease Ryder Ankle Boot takes on the shape of the wearer’s foot as if they are custom-made. It also has a cork sole that is comfortable walking even for a long time. They give a chic look and pair well with any outfit.

8. Trotters Dina Loafer

This loafer is generously cushioned with quality memory foam that takes on the unique shape of your foot’s arch. People even joke that you could use it as a pillow over your head if you’re stuck in a desert or a forest; that; ’s how well-cushioned it is. It has a removable insole that adds support and a piece of antimicrobial fabric to reduce odors. The Dina Loafer comes in three colors and three width sizes, including people with wide feet.

9. M.Gemi Felize Suede Moccasins 

They’re handcrafted and are highly preferred for walking and driving because of their pebbled soles. These moccasins are soft and perfectly close-fitting regardless of their high arches. M.Gemi Felize moccasin doesn’t enlarge over time. They snug onto your feet with every wear just as the first day of purchase. It’s, however, advisable to pre-treat them with a waterproof spray if you’re going to be in an environment with water or rain.

10. Sarah Flint Rosie Loafer

Wearers highly recommend these feminine, elevated loafers. They’re handcrafted and come with an extra padded footbed, around three millimeters, that make it possible to walk in all day. The Sarah Flint Rosie Loafer also has a one-inch block heel to ensure you tread lightly and there’s no clanking as you walk. This shoe is also practical because you can still wear it for official purposes other than traveling in it. It’s also very comfortable, classy, and makes you look chic. 


Shoes are statement pieces that should complement your look and serve their purpose. Comfort should not be compromised in the process, as discomfort will have you on edge.

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