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The Best Occasions to Wear Red

Dressing up can be challenging when you have a lot of choices. As you know, the color and style of your outfit should match the occasion. For instance, red is a bold and alluring color that can make you look stunning, especially when styled the right way. Because of its effect, this shade is best worn at certain events. So, what are the best occasions to wear red?

First Dates

One study revealed that men find women in a red dress or outfit more alluring than those wearing other shades. As such, you can wear something red if you want to make a good first impression on your first date. This shade will definitely make you look stunning and irresistible.


Red is a great color you can wear if you’re attending a party. In fact, birthday or housewarming parties are some of the best occasions to wear red. Keep in mind that this bold shade is a positive color that can symbolize power, luck, and other good connotations. By wearing this color on a happy occasion, you’re bringing in some positive energies or vibes into the event.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is a special occasion for couples, and you can wear red on your date to look stunning. Aside from that, red is also a symbol of love. By wearing this color, you are also celebrating the love between you and your partner.

When Meeting Visually Challenged Individuals

Some people say that red is a recommended color you can wear if you’re meeting a person who is visually challenged. The reason is that they can easily see the color red compared to other shades. As such, you can wear a red dress or suit so that they can quickly identify you.

How to Style a Red Dress?

All in all, those are some of the best occasions to wear red. But, how do you style this color? Keep in mind that red is a bold color, and it can stand out on its own. For this reason, it is best to pair a red dress with accessories that have a neutral shade. Through this, you can complete your attire without going overboard.

If you’re wearing a printed red dress, you don’t have to wear a belt or jewelry. Remember, you want other people to notice the dress that you’re wearing; thus, the jewelry will only be a distraction. To highlight your printed dress, pairing it with a bag and shoes is enough.


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