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The Best Occasions to Wear Purple

A lot of people don’t wear purple because it is hard to style. However, this elegant color is perfect for various occasions. Remember, this color is associated with several meanings, such as royalty, spirituality, and mystery. But, when are the best occasions to wear purple? Additionally, how do you style a purple outfit?

Best Occasions to Wear Purple

Job Interview

Purple is a good color you can wear to a job interview if you’re applying for a job that requires creativity. Keep in mind that this shade is a combination of cool and warm colors that can boost your creativity; thus, wearing a purple dress can communicate that you are fun and creative. However, for formal interviews, wearing something blue is more preferred because it elicits feelings of commitment and trust.

Christening and Other Religious Gatherings

One of the best occasions to wear purple is during a christening or other religious gatherings. As mentioned, purple is associated with spirituality. Aside from that, it also has a calming and harmonious effect, which is perfect for a religious occasion. As such, wearing a purple outfit can help create a peaceful atmosphere.


As mentioned, purple sparks creativity. As such, if your work involves creativity and insightful observation, wearing a purple outfit is a good choice. However, you should only wear this color in moderation. One reason is that too much purple may cause moodiness.

Formal Dates

Purple is associated with royalty, and it can bring aristocratic energy to those bold enough to wear this color. However, keep in mind that this color is best suited for formal dates because it radiates elegance.

How to Wear Purple

Purple is one of the few colors that is challenging to style. Nevertheless, you can pull off a purple dress if you know the colors that pair well with this shade. Once you understand the best color combinations with purple, you’ll be able to accessorize the dress with ease.

Some of the best color combinations of purple are:

  • Purple and Silver
  • Purple and Gold
  • Purple and Blue
  • Purple and Cream or Beige
  • Purple and Pastel Pink

These color combinations are eye-catching, and they create an elegant look. But, if you’re styling a casual outfit, you can also pair purple with colors, such as light yellow, baby blue, and light green. Remember, when combined properly, purple can make you look unique, elegant, and stylish.


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