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Best Commitment Ring Ideas for Couples

Your Relationship Deserves One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

Your love story isn’t what you dreamed of as a child. It’s better. Whether you go all out for your dream wedding or prefer to say your vows while dancing in your kitchen at midnight, your relationship is what you make it.

As marriage evolves, we know it can be complicated to figure out how to proceed with an engagement ring, wedding ring, or commitment ring. There are tons of jewelry options to show your partner how special they are—without choosing marriage or reinforcing outdated ideals.

Wherever you are in your personal love story, these commitment ring ideas will help you share your love through jewelry—and speak to the unique aspects of your personal romance.

What Is a Commitment Ring?

A commitment ring is similar to a promise ring. While it isn’t meant to indicate a coming marriage, it is worn as a symbol of devotion. Typically, commitment rings are worn by both partners and are similar in size and style—unlike the traditional engagement ring, which is exclusive to the woman and larger than men’s rings.

Are Promise Rings the Same as Commitment Rings?

While commitment rings and promise rings are similar, they aren’t the same thing. Each has a unique purpose and is used for a different stage of the relationship.

The promise ring is typically used when outside circumstances (like college, distance, or time) are preventing marriage. It’s given as a precursor to the engagement ring—with a promise of a bright and full future. Typically, a promise ring is only gifted to the woman—and although beautiful, it should never outshine the engagement ring.

A commitment ring is used by couples who have been together for a long time. Marriage might be on the table—or it might not be. Either way, they feel strongly about each other and want to live the rest of their lives together. A commitment ring could be gifted early on in a relationship—or even ten years in! In most cases, both the man and woman will wear a commitment ring. The rings are understated—similar to wedding rings for couples.

The Best Way to Wear Your Commitment Ring for Couples

The great thing about commitment rings is that they’re totally customizable. You get to decide what the ring looks like and how and when you wear it. Traditionally though, you’d wear your commitment ring on your left hand like a wedding band.

Jeweler Approved Commitment Ring Ideas

It’s common to feel anxious when shopping for your couple’s bands. With so many customizable options and no tradition to ground you, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Instead of focusing on the overwhelm, think of this as your opportunity to create new traditions. You’re paving the way for generations after you to choose their own love story. Include sentimental elements, like birthstones or special engravings. Most importantly, choose the styles you like instead of what styles you’re supposed to have.

Rainbow Couple’s Rings

Did you know sapphires come in almost every color of the rainbow? We’re obsessed with these rainbow wedding rings for couples that use colorful sapphires to make a bold and exciting fashion statement. You and your partner will certainly stand out from the crowd. A simple engraving or customization to the ring will make it totally swoon-worthy.

Of course, these are perfect for LGBTQ+ couples who wish to shout their pride!

Diamond Couple’s Rings

The diamond is practically indestructible—making it a meaningful symbol for relationships. Give the diamond to a person whose heart you never want to break. Although the diamond is often assigned to engagement rings, it’s also a great option for couple’s rings and commitment rings. You can use them as accent stones, place them along the ring band, or choose the coveted solitaire diamond ring.

Claddagh Couple’s Rings

The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring that uses the symbols of a heart, crown, and hands to indicate friendship or love. Exactly what the ring means to you depends entirely on how you wear it. By slipping the Claddagh ring on your left hand with the heart pointing to you, you’ll signify a committed or married relationship.

Matching Couple’s Rings

There are many couples who choose to skip the engagement ring and jump right to the commitment rings. If this is you, you and your partner may prefer to choose matching couple’s bands. You can opt for the exact same style and colors—or make slight alterations that represent you.

His and Her Wedding Bands for Eco-Friendly Couples

You may feel hesitant to purchase diamond couple’s rings due to the environmental impact of fine jewelry. Like any other purchase, it’s important to research your jeweler to ensure they sell conflict-free and environmentally conscious diamonds and gems.

If you want something especially environmentally friendly, you may consider a lab-created diamond. Or one that’s recycled from your great-grandmother’s engagement ring. Many jewelers are happy to use old rings and gemstones to create an entirely new piece for you and your partner.

Growing Old Together Never Felt So Good

When you feel constrained by the boundaries of traditional marriage, you might not be able to get excited about picking out an engagement ring or his and her wedding bands.

Knowing you can write your own love story with jewelry of your choosing is incredibly freeing!

You and your partner deserve to grow old together in whatever way you choose. Whether your commitment ring is intended for the next few years or for the rest of your life, we wish you a romantic, loving, and beautiful future.

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