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Best CBD Cream for Pain

The last few years have seen CBD explode in terms of popularity. A quick Google search is likely to bring up a never-ending list of articles from sites such as Marijuanabreak, talking about all of the different ways that CBD can improve your health.

One of the main reasons that people are turning to CBD is to help manage pain. CBD has proven to be extremely useful for both those suffering from chronic pain and those looking for a solution for a temporary issue.

You can take CBD in many different forms, ranging from pure CBD oils to CBD edibles that you can enjoy as a tasty treat. When it comes to dealing with pain, CBD cream is one of the most popular options. Creams allow you to tackle pain at its core without having to worry about ingesting CBD and it affecting your internal systems.

Let’s take a look at exactly how CBD creams work and some of the top creams currently on the market.

What Is CBD?

CBD cream is made using cannabidiol, which is extracted from cannabis and hemp plants. CBD is one of the most common cannabinoids that naturally occur within the plant, along with THC. While THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects that are associated with cannabis, CBD has absolutely no intoxicating effects and is instead responsible for many of the medical benefits linked to cannabis.

CBD works alongside the body’s natural cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system, ensuring that everything within the system is able to function correctly. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for managing many of the different processes within the body, including the immune system, sleep patterns, and pain receptors.

How Do CBD Creams Work?

The way in which CBD enters the body affects both the speed at which it is able to take effect and the length of time that these effects last. Taking CBD in edible form takes much longer to take effect than other types of CBD, as they must first be processed through the digestive system. CBD creams, however, start working almost instantly, as they are applied directly to the area of pain and easily absorbed through the skin.

When CBD cream is applied to an area of pain, the CBD is able to be absorbed through the skin straight away. Unlike other forms of CBD, no CBD enters the bloodstream, meaning that effects stay localized to the area where CBD cream has been applied. 

CBD has been found to not only help reduce the effects of pain but also to help reduce and even prevent inflammation. Very often, when pain occurs in the joints, this is due to inflammation, and therefore applying CBD to the affected area can help to tackle not only the symptoms but also the cause of pain.

Top 5 CBD Creams for Pain

#1 Provacan Topicals

Provacan have a whole section of their online store dedicated to CBD creams and topicals. The wide range of options allows you to select a cream designed to treat a specific area of pain.

All of their creams are made using high-quality CBD guaranteed to provide you with an effective dose of CBD. Their SPF creams are ideal for treating areas of skin that are often exposed to sunlight, saving you the worry of having to apply a layer of sunscreen.

#2 Premium Jane Topical Salves

Premium Jane offers two different CBD creams, both of which are designed to help manage pain while also moisturizing your skin. For those who are looking to treat low-level pain, their 750mg Eucalyptus cream is ideal and also leaves your skin smelling great. For more severe cases, they also have a 1500mg option, which combines CBD and cocoa butter for a rich and nourishing formula. 

#3 Green Roads Muscle & Joint Relief Cream

As the name suggests, this cream has been designed to treat muscle and joint pain at its source. Packed with 300mg of CBD, it is able to help reduce inflammation and, in turn, minimize pain. 

Green Roads’ formula also contains chamomile and lavender, helping you to feel calm and in control even in a painful situation. This is an excellent option for those who find that their joints often feel stiff after a long gym workout.  

#4 Holland & Barrett CBD Daily Intensive Cream

CBD Intensive Cream provides a super simple formula that gets straight to the point without any added ingredients and effects.

The all-natural ingredients used have the bonus of not leaving your skin feeling weighed down, as so many creams do, but instead light and smooth. Guaranteed as being 100% THC free, you can apply CBD cream with ease, knowing that you will not experience unwanted psychoactive effects.

#5 Quanta CBD Rubs

Quanta offers a wide range of different CBD creams, all of which have been carefully designed to treat different skin types and pains. Whether you are looking for an extra-strength cream to manage chronic pain or cream designed for sensitive skin, Quanta has an option for you.

Final Thoughts on CBD Creams and Pain

CBD creams, along with other CBD topicals, provide a fast-acting and effective method of dealing with pain. For those who suffer from chronic pain, creams also allow you to regularly apply an extra dose of CBD to the affected area without having to worry about altering any internal doses of CBD that you take as a wellness supplement. 

Why not check out some of the CBD creams mentioned and start tackling the source of pain and not just the symptoms? 


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