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Best Bow Ties for Men

Bow ties are one of the most popular and trendy topics of the year 2022. From social media platforms and fashion blogs to being featured on the most popular TV shows
around the globe, literally, everyone is talking about them! 

You may also have seen your favorite actors and singers or Instagram influencers wearing bow ties at various events and functions. Men around the world love wearing bow ties as a fashion statement piece. 

So if you haven’t included a bow tie in your closet, it’s time to upgrade your accessory section and up the ante for an uber-cool look. You might be wondering what’s so special about a bow tie? Why is everyone crazy about them?  

Mens bow ties are so versatile and elegant that they can be worn with so many different outfits and occasions. Yes, you can actually wear bow ties with anything, and they’ll really elevate the entire look. 

Try bow ties with suits, shirts, and smoking jackets for black tie or white tie, or even just for a casual outing. From formal, black-tie events to informal get-togethers like brunch with friends, bow ties are appropriate for multiple occasions. 

In short, you can wear a bow tie on any day that ends in D-A-Y!  

However, to be honest, selecting the right bow tie for the right event can be a bit intimidating. This is because they’re available in a huge variety of styles, types, and colors. You can buy bow ties here to complement your personality and make a statement look in any event.   

Are you also confused about what type of bow tie to choose, what are the best bow ties for men, and what to wear with bow ties? Don’t worry, keep reading on! 

Today in this guide, we will tell you everything about bow ties. We’ve covered everything from their types and patterns to style and materials. We’ve also included various bow tie shapes and sizing tips for you.    

Let’s start.    

Types of Bow Ties

So, basically, there are three types of men’s bow ties based on the production model of bow ties. From afar, they all look pretty the same, but those who know about ties well can easily tell the difference between them. 

Three types of bow ties are: 

  1. Pre-tied bow ties
  2. Self-tie bow ties
  3. Clip-On Bow Tie

•    Pre-tied bow ties

Pre-tied bow ties for men are the most popular ones because they’re easy and convenient. As compared to other types, anyone can easily use them; this also saves you from the hassle of learning how to tie knots. Pre-tied bow ties give any outfit an effortless, classy, and neat look.   

•    Self-tie bow ties

Self-tie bow ties are also known as freestyle bow ties. They are the typical traditional ties that you have to tie yourself entirely by hands. These classic and timeless ties will give any outfit an instantly glamorous and stylish look. So all of your efforts that you’ll put into tying these bow ties are worth it! 

You can find self-tie bow ties in two options: adjustable and fixed-length bow ties. You can try making different shapes and types of knots. However, if you’re a beginner and still learning about ties, you should always start with the basics knots. 

•    Clip-On Bow Tie

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to learn tying ties or doesn’t have enough time, clip-on bow ties are for you! These ties are already formed into a bow, cannot be untied, and you have to clip them on your shirt collar to attach them. 

These bow ties are the cheapest type of bow ties, which is why they’re pretty easily recognizable. They’re perfect for kids, but adults should always try to go with self-tie bow ties. 

Now let’s move on to the patterns, colors, and designs for bow ties.

Bow Tie Patterns & Designs

Don’t think bow ties are boring! Like neckties, bow ties also come in multiple colors, patterns, and designs. There are plenty of options, from solid-colored bow ties to bold, bright colors with unique patterns. 

You can wear a bow tie with a solid pattern for more formal events, and for casual occasions, you can wear colorful, fun bow ties. 

Here are some of the most popular patterns for bow ties: 

  • Solid Bow Tie
  • Polka Dot Bow Tie
  • Bulletin Dot Bow Tie
  • Plaid Bow Tie
  • Herringbone Bow Tie
  • Floral Bow Tie
  • Paisley Bow Tie
  • Striped Bow Tie
  • Argyle Bow Tie
  • Geometric Pattern Bow Tie
  • Novelty Bow Tie
  • Check Bow Tie

Below are some of the most commonly used bow tie designs:

  • Fashion Bow Ties
  • Novelty Bow Ties
  • Plain Bow Ties
  • Western Bow Ties
  • Crossover Bow Ties

Bow Ties Fabrics & Materials

Another thing that you should keep in mind while buying bow ties is the fabric. Many people only think about colors and patterns and ignore the material, but it’s, in fact, an important thing. 

Wearing a bow tie in the right fabric can actually add texture and uplift the overall outfit look. You can select the material according to the season and formality level of the particular event. 

So, what types of fabric are bow ties made of? Bow ties for men are made of different fabrics, including: 

  • Silk
  • Linen & Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Wool & Velvet
  • Blended

Let’s know each of the materials in detail. 

•    Silk Bow Ties

One of the most popular fabrics used for bow ties is silk. Why is that so? That’s because silk is a light and elegant fabric with a light sheen. This material is ideal for neckwear as it goes seamlessly with silk satin lapels of your tuxedo, suits, or dinner jackets. You’ll get a classy and sophisticated look.   

You will find varieties of silk fabric like silk satin, knit silk, and silk twill. Most of the time people prefer to wear silk bow ties with formal outfits, but sometimes you can also wear them with casual outfits. 

•    Linen and Cotton Bow Ties

Linen and cotton are staple clothing materials for the summer season. Both fabrics are light and breathable; it is perfect to wear bow ties made with these materials. Novelty tie manufacturers often use this material as both linen and cotton fabrics are easy to print on. 

You can find bow ties in various patterns and designs, including railroad stripe, pastel, plaid, and multi-colored checks. You can wear linen bow ties with any casual events or daytime events. These ties look gorgeous with blue, tan, and light grey suits.   

•    Polyester Bow Ties

If you’re looking for an alternative to silk bow ties, go with polyester bow ties. This material is a bit harder than cotton and silk but comes at an affordable price range. A good quality polyester bow tie is also soft and smooth to touch. 

So you’ll get a bow tie similar to silk but on a decent budget. You can wear plain poly bow ties with a satin finish to improve the overall outfit look. 

•    Wool & Velvet Bow Ties

Wool and velvet bow ties aren’t available in huge amounts, but they’re one of the most demanding materials in the winter season. Many many people think that bow ties made from these fabrics will keep them warm in the colder seasons, but that’s not true! However, you can improve your outfit with these rich and beautiful-looking bow ties. 

These bow ties are available in different colors with plain designs. These ties are always pre-tied as it is hard to make a knot with these heavy materials. There are also a few variations available, including Wool Flannel and Tartan. The tartan bow ties look good with dark suits like charcoal, and you can wear a velvet bow tie with a tux.

•    Mixed or Blended Fabric Bow Ties 

Some bow ties are made with various fabrics, and they’re usually called acrylic or mixed fibers. These bow ties have similar descriptions to polyester and cotton bow ties. This is perfect for people who want a specific pattern or design on thor bow ties. If that particular design is not suitable for cotton or silk fabrics, these fabrics are used.  

Bow Tie Shapes & Styles

After knowing about bow tie types and material choices, it’s time to move on to the most fun part of the bow ties. Yes, the shapes and knot styles. Bow ties are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

You can find bow ties in every shape and size. The style obviously depends on personal preference, but still, few shapes are more trendy than others. 

So, which are the bow-tie shapes that are famous nowadays?

Here are some of the most common styles of bow tie: 

  • The Butterfly Bow Tie
  • The Big Butterfly Bow Tie
  • The Diamond Point Bow Tie
  • The Batwing Bow Tie
  • The Slim Diamond Point
  • The Rounded Club Bow Tie
  • Untied Bow Tie

Let’s know more about these styles of shapes of mens bow ties: 

•    The Butterfly Bow Tie

As its name says, this bow tie shape resembles the shape of a butterfly’s wings. The modern butterfly is also known for its thistle shape, and it is probably the most commonly used bow tie style. It provides a standard, neat, and sophisticated look. You can try this style and wear it on various occasions if you’re a beginner. 

•    The Big Butterfly Bow Tie

Yes, you guessed it right by its name. These bow shapes are bigger and larger by about three inches and also more in height. Compared to the regular butterfly shape, these ones have a more relaxed, plush silhouette. Big butterfly bow ties are best for ultra-formal events and fancy-dress occasions.

•    The Diamond Point Bow Tie

The diamond point bow tie is also known as the diamond tip bow tie. These ones look exactly like a diamond’s pointed edges. These bow ties still have an asymmetrical shape; they still look stylish and glamorous. 

These days, it is one of the favorite bow styles of people. You can also tie your bow tie with a perfectly symmetrical shape. This shape is suitable for social gatherings and events. 

•    The Batwing Bow Tie

The batwing bow ties have a flat and small shape; that’s why they’re also known as straight or slim bow ties. They have a long rectangular strip with flat ends and are usually less than two inches in height. These bow ties aren’t as formal as butterfly ones, but they provide a clean, symmetrical look. 

•    The Slim Diamond Point Bow Tie

Just like the regular diamond point, these bow ties are also Asymmetrical. The only difference is that the slim diamond point bow tie has a slim look like the batwing type.  

•    The Rounded Club Bow Tie

They look unique and stylish but come in the least formal among all the different styles. As its name says, these bow ties have round edges, not flat or plain or pointed ones. You can wear this tie shape for fun and adventurous events like picnics, Sunday brunch with friends, or fishing trips.  

•    Untied Bow Tie

Yes, you’ve read it right! An untied bow tie! This is one of the latest bow tie trends that has lately become popular among people. So how do you feel about wearing an untied bow tie with your suit? This looks stylish, dashing, and urbane. If you’re attending a casual or fun event, you can try this style. 

The Bottom Line

Bow ties are one of the most meaningful fashion accessories in the men’s wardrobe. It may look simple and small, but it can elevate any outfit within a few minutes. After reading this blog, you now know how to select the one according to its types, styles, patterns, and fabrics. 

Always consider bow-tie shapes, designs, and material choices before buying one. When it comes to styling, try and see what works for your outfit the best. So this is all about the best bow tie for men. Hopefully,  this guide has helped you to pick the right bow tie for the upcoming event you’re attending. 

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