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Being an Independent Woman in 2019

Times sure are changing, and while there is still a long way to go before we get the equality we so deserve, the last few years have been revolutionary, to put it lightly. With changing lifestyles, preferences, and outlooks, being an independent woman is no longer just a trend or a thing of the past. More and more women are making a stand and for a change looking at themselves, their choices, their wants, and their lives. What some might call selfishness is precisely what is needed in this society as we all work towards our happiness. Every year is about new possibilities and if you have been holding back, here are some ways you can break through to the other side.

Women Only Holidays

Travel is an essential aspect of our lives. It opens up our minds to different cultures and people. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or recently out of one, there is nothing that should hold you back from traveling. Solo travel for one has gained much popularity over the last decade, but it can be dangerous and a bit boring at times. That’s why women only holidays are the perfect escape that put you in the company of like-minded people and a chance to interact and explore places across the globe with the added advantage of having companionship with you.

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Eating Alone

No longer a taboo or something to be embarrassed about, eating alone is now considered perfectly fine. Gorging on some delicious food without the hassle of making small talk, or worrying about what the other person is thinking, is the best way to enjoy a meal. Moreover, restaurants are opening up to the concept, and when it comes to eating alone, many have community tables, single’s dinners, or even speciality pop-ups that only have tables for one. So, whether it is a hearty breakfast with a book to read, a bit of coffee and cake in the afternoon, or a beautiful dining experience, be alone and be proud.    

Speaking Up

Being independent is also about having the power to support other women. That is why it is essential to speak up when needed. One must not hide behind the proposed societal norms any longer, and if you or anyone needs help, it is okay to ask for it. Furthermore, one must not be afraid to vocalise any injustice or wrongdoing, at work, on the streets, through the net, or even at home. Unless we speak up, the world won’t know. And until they don’t see the gravity of it all, change won’t happen.

The Glam Factor

Women have always been the fairer sex when it comes to glamming it up. Feeling good about what you wear, or for that matter how you look and what you eat, are some essential key points to happiness. If you feel like dressing up for a casual night out, do it. If you want to feel comfortable and go out in your pajamas, do it. Just remember to be who you are and what you want. That is in essence what independence is all about. 


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