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Being a Beauty Product Minimalist in a Society Obsessed with Appearance

“May your life be as perfect as it appears on Instagram.”

Different variations of this quote have been circling on social media platforms, and it’s no wonder. Every time we visit our feeds, we experience an overload of picture-perfect lives, flawless airbrushed faces, not to mention an entire universe of different beauty products that promise they’re “the one”.

In a matter of minutes, we are filled with some form of guilt, yes, guilt. We look in the mirror and realize we don’t have that perfect airbrushed skin, and it’s our fault because we’re not using the 40 chosen products advertised one way or another. We feel almost ashamed and subsequently compelled to purchase the abundance of said products because we’ve been made to feel like if we don’t, it will somehow send the message that we don’t care about our skin, hair, makeup, and general presentation. It seems almost impossible to shake this feeling and to stop overspending. Every so often, a new brand launches a new miraculous product and we are almost programmed at this point to want to try it.

So, how does one break this vicious circle and go from overflowing vanity tables and bathroom cabinets to a beauty product minimalist? You will need to arm yourself with willpower and a whole lot of knowledge, so let’s get started.

Reality check

You may be under the impression that unless your skincare routine involves 12 steps and 12 products, you’re not doing it right. The reality is, the more different formulas you use, the more likely you are to confuse your skin and cause a countereffect.

One of the most esteemed and coveted U.S. dermatologists, Dr. Kidd, is one of the numerous advocates for sticking to a simple skincare regimen. Find the products that are primarily safe and that work for your skin type. Be consistent and never treat your skin aggressively. All your skin truly needs in order to be healthy is a great face wash, an amazing face oil or serum, and a moisturizer with an SPF. Occasional guest stars in the form of a mask and exfoliator to get rid of dead cells and foster collagen production are welcome; but aside from that, you definitely don’t need anything else.

Green is the new black

Now, as the pillar of minimalism is simplicity, you should also be mindful of the type of products you choose. Follow the general rule of thumb .¨ if you can’t pronounce it, it shouldn’t come anywhere near your skin. So, in order not to rack your brain deciphering labels, follow in the footsteps of true minimalists and opt for natural and organic products.

Look into products such as argan oil, which in recent years has been gaining the title “liquid gold” due to its natural and beneficial effects. Organic brands like renowned Swisse offer a wide range of argan oil products, which are perfectly safe and highly effective in the long run. The key to minimalist skincare is perseverance. Organic and natural products take time to make a full impact; but when they do, it’s long-lasting.

Magic word

In order to look amazing, keep your skin safe and your makeup game on point, you need to keep one word in mind .¨ double-duty. Certain products, such as coconut oil, have more than one purpose. It can serve as a makeup remover, moisturizer, hair mask, eye creme, shaving cream .¨ you name it, coconut oil is up to the task.

The same principle can be applied to your makeup stash. A lipstick or stain can work as a blush, bronzer, whereas your blush can be used as eyeshadow. The makeup industry has even come up with products intended to be used in numerous ways .¨ case in point .¨ Tarte’s entire Double Duty Beauty line, Benefit’s Benetint product, and Elf’s brow and lash mascara. Everything can be re-purposed, and you will still achieve exceptional makeup looks every time, while keeping your vanity organized and without breaking the bank.

Make no mistake, gradually, everyone will be going minimal. It’s wallet- and environment-friendly, it allows you to focus on achieving true beauty by placing focus on safe skincare, and minimal amounts of makeup that will only serve to emphasize your natural luminosity.


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