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Behind the Scenes of Sayulita, Mexico- Day 3

We woke up to clear skies on day three of our adventure to Sayulita, Mexico and realized we were on the cusp of a perfect day! Our shoot would take place in town and everyone was excited to experience everything that this village had to offer!


After a short, bumpy ride into town, we arrived in Town Square. We were surprised by the hustle and bustle of the city. Local artisans displaying their wares proudly showed homemade woven necklaces, beaded earrings and multi-colored handbags. A man carrying a tray of delicious homemade donuts asked if we wanted breakfast. And we began to see the wonderful opportunities to shoot. There were ancient walls of every color, turquoise, flaming red, orange and lemon yellow. And the main street was made of cobblestone
with colorful banners above. We shot our VIVA GLAM
Supermodel Karolina in a couture dress by Gucci dancing with a mariachi band and also playing the saxophone!
And she loved posing with a local father and son who sell handmade woven purses.

20150317_142736-1 copy

Our male model, Douglas Jeffery, enjoyed running through the town in a bright yellow pair of pants and paisley top.
These action shots reminded us of
Top Gun! And Douglas also loved posing with a local, friendly dog!


After the days work, we had the opportunity to look through this charming, storybook town with its quaint shops, restaurants and villas. We even noticed a large iguana sitting up in a tree above us!
Dinner was at an authentic Mexican restaurant as Karolina’s father requested food that was from this area. He loved the homemade chips, tortillas, green salsa and guacamole. And we had the best quesadillas, chiles rellenos and frijoles!


Later that night, there was plenty of red wine, chess and stories to share about another perfect day in Sayulita, Mexico.

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A special thank you to
Wolf Worster & Associates
41 Sets
for making our trip possible and an event to remember for a lifetime!

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