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Behind the Scenes in Exotic Anguilla for VIVA GLAM’s SEXIEST Issue

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What Really Happens Behind the Scenes on a VIVA GLAM Shoot in Exotic Anguilla?

As we headed to the airport for our journey to Anguilla, British West Indies, we were filled with anticipation as none of us had visited this tropical destination before.
Our travel team included VIVA GLAM founder Katarina Van Derham, photographer Deja Jordan, VIVA GLAM Supermodel Search Winner Brittany Oldehoff, male model Doug Jeffery, myself (Candace Kita), and stylist Sean Panella, who was traveling from N.Y. and would meet us there.

After only two short flights, we found ourselves in paradise! We landed in St. Martin, a Republic of the Netherlands. The airport here is known for one of the most spectacular landings in the world because you approach the airstrip very close to the beach. In fact, you can see tourists waving at you from the sand below!

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From St. Martin, we traveled by boat 18 minutes to Anguilla. Anguilla is a small, charming island located directly north of St. Martin, separated by the
Anguilla Channel.

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