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Becoming Spiritually In Tune: The Newest Meditation Trends for You to Try

More and more people are now into meditation because of the numerous benefits it can provide. For this reason, a lot of people have developed various programs, apps, and gadgets that can help people meditate with ease. Plus, these things can also help deepen the meditation experience. To give you a better view, here are some of the newest meditation trends you can try.

Meditation Apps

As of today, there are thousands of apps designed to help people meditate. These apps, such as Headspace and Calm, offer content for specific issues, like falling asleep, managing stress, and dealing with anger. Some also offer guided meditations from a network of teachers. Overall, these apps are designed so that you can fully experience and reap the benefits of meditation.

Online Guided Meditations

Aside from apps, you can also visit websites to help you meditate with ease. In fact, one of the newest meditation trends you can try is online guided meditations. During a guided meditation, a teacher or narrator will walk you through various steps so that you can meditate efficiently. You can also watch some free guided meditation videos on YouTube, which are designed to deepen your meditation experience.


Sophrology has been practiced in Europe for decades, and it is now becoming popular all over the world. It is a meditation technique that combines the components of phenomenology, breathwork, mindful meditation, guided visualization, and mindful movement. Its main benefit is that it helps manage stress and prevent burnout.

Today, this meditation technique is used by a lot of practitioners because they agree that it is a powerful way to reach self-awareness and a calm mind. Plus, you don’t have to struggle with complex postures and thinking. Best of all, it only takes about 20 to 30 minutes per day.

Mindful Fitness

Finally, the last on this list of the newest meditation trends you can try is mindful fitness. One example of this is walking meditation. In this practice, you’ll focus on your body’s movement while walking. Unfortunately, this practice is not applicable in certain exercises or sports activities that require your undivided attention. Even so, it can be applied in cardio workouts. By combining mindfulness and exercise, you’ll be able to focus on your body and workout, which leads to efficient results.


The Unspoken Side Effects of Meditation

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