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Becca Tilley: From ‘The Bachelor’ to Bonafide Blogger

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Considering how you became popular, your fans have a lot of opinions about your love life. Does it ever bother you when you see comments about your relationships?

I mean, as a human, of course it bothers me when people have opinions that aren’t fair regarding my personal life. However, I have chosen to make my personal life very public, so I have come to accept it’s part of the deal. Sometimes it feels like I have all of these friends going through the same things with and it’s comforting. They initially followed me to watch me find love, so it’s nice to know people are rooting for me!

You recently launched a blog and a YouTube channel. What do you hope to teach people with your influence?

Well first of all, this business is hard. I know it seems like taking pretty photos and making pretty videos, but wow. These people who have created these businesses from the ground up – KUDOS! Basically I want people who follow me and watch my videos and read my blog to feel like they’re living life with me. I want it to be funny and relatable and for people to know that everything is not perfect! Instagram gives a very false reality a lot of times. I hope with YouTube, I can show the more realistic parts of my life.

What projects do you have on the horizon? What’s next for you?

I took a little break from traveling, so I am ready to get back into the travel life. It was good to rest and have some time at home, but I am ready to go! Hopefully more work in the beauty world and eating fast food, of course!

You can follow Becca Tilley on Instagram here and follow her blog here.

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