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Beauty Talk with YouTube Beauty Guru, Cristeen Olley

1. What was the first beauty product you’ve owned?

Avon Flavor Savers Lip Gloss in Strawberry. It’s a clear lip balm. My mom wouldn’t allow me to wear makeup until I was 16, but this was an exception and it was fine with me. I loved the strawberry flavor and it was only 99 cents!

2. What is your favorite drug store brand and which of their beauty product and why?

Maybelline! I love their mascaras, blushes, and lip products. Especially their Baby Lips lip balm! That would have to be my favorite product. The packaging is too cute!! This product definitely moisturizes my lips and is a great base for other lipsticks, but I like to usually wear it alone because it gives my lips a natural looking shine.

3. What is your favorite high end brand and which of their beauty product and why?

Dior is my favorite high end brand. Always has been! Their mascaras were always a favorite of mine until I tried out their Diorskin airflash foundation and realized that was my new favorite Dior product! I’m in love with this foundation. It’s very light,
but gives great coverage and blends well and who doesn’t want an airbrush finish to their skin?!

4. What is your biggest DON’T when it comes to hair?

DON’T Blow dry, flat iron, curl or use any kind of heat on your hair without using heat protectant spray!! You
will prevent a bunch of split ends and dryness when using a good heat protectant.

5. If you had only 5 minutes to do your makeup tell us what would you do.

Cry! Just kidding.

6 steps!
1. Apply my every day foundation, using my fingers (clean fingers of course )
2. Pat on a little concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes using my ring finger (softest finger)
3. Apply a neutral cream eyeshadow all over the lid up to the brow bone and another touch of it just on the lid to make it a little darker than the brow bone
4. Define my eyes quickly using a black eye pencil
5. Use a very black mascara on just the upper lashes
6. Apply a pink or peach cream blush on the apples of cheeks and lightly blend up towards my temples and apply some to my lips.

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