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Beauty Talk with Katarina Van Derham

Our magazine Editor in Chief, Katarina Van Derham is as lovely as she looks. She is vibrant and shines her light on everyone she meets, so I thought who else would be better to start, Beauty Talk with. I asked Katarina what some beauty questions to find out some great beauty tips she can share with us. She shares with us some great tips and different uses of how to use make up.

Two of my favorite beauty products and why I love them:

1. I absolutely love Bobbi Brown eyeshadows in Rich Brown and Taupe. These two colors make my eyes look just perfect. They make my eyes pop and I always get the most compliments.

2. With these two eyeshadows I have to wear Ben Nye eyeshadows #40 Spice which I wear as a blush. It is a matte color that compliments above mentioned eyeshadows and makes me look classy. I prefer this color over any other color on my cheeks.


My Beauty Tip:

For everyday look always use a powder eyeshadow as the eyeliner instead of an eye pencil or liquid eyeliner. The smudged eyeshadow will make your eyes appear more natural and also make them pop.


I never leave home without:

I never leave my home without a moisturizer. When it comes to makeup, I either wear absolutely no makeup or a full on face. I don’t like anything in between. I prefer to spend one hour on a nicely done makeup or just simply put on a big pair of shades with nothing else on my face.


Stay Beautiful!!

Twitter: @KVanderham




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