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The Four Beauty Skills Every Woman Should Have

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How to Shape or Fill in Your Eyebrows

Before you even touch your eyebrows, you’ll want to think ahead to determine what your ideal shape would be. Typically, the straight edge of your tweezers is helpful in this step .¨ simply hold it from the side of your nose up past your eyebrow, and make a pencil mark on the inside of your eyebrows as to where you should start shaping. Hold the straight edge from that same point on your nose and out towards the outer side of your pupil to determine exactly where your arch should be.

Following the natural curvature of your eyebrow, draw a line at the bottom of your brow to determine its thickness. Now, you’ll want to pluck the strays that fall below the line and outside of the marks you’ve made. If your brows tend to be sparse in spots, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil or matte eyeshadow.

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