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Beauty Room Organization with the ICEbOX

Get an insider’s peek as Katarina organizes her beauty room with the ICEbOX!

Here at VIVA GLAM Magazine we have so many beauty products we literally don’t know what to do with them! Well, Sherrie Blossom, creator of the ICEbOX beauty organizer, sent us some of her favorite products to help organize Katarina’s beauty room!

Many celebrities in Hollywood consider the ICEbOX beauty organizer to be their favorite way to organize makeup. Why? Not only is it luxurious, it is well made and compact. Here at VIVA GLAM, we have the ICEbOX Wide that is their largest makeup organizer. It is super sleek and sexy and holds foundation, powder, eye shadows, lipsticks, liners and so much more!

We also love the ICEbOX Skinny that is slightly smaller. It is ideal for those with limited counter space. It is perfect for makeup, skincare, tubes, bottles, and jars!

And no makeup counter is complete without the Little London! This cute makeup organizer is fun, flirty and makes a great gift idea for the girl who has everything … especially a lipstick of every shade! As one of the smallest organizers, it has adjustable dividers and four drawers. And just because it is small, don’t think it won’t hold everything! This organizer will save you a ton of counter space!

We also recommend adding a palette stand because it is so much easier to display your palettes in a stand rather than stacking them on your counter. Plus, this will leave additional space on your counter or drawers for other beauty items!

ICEbOX beauty organizers are the “must have” items for your beauty room or for any glamour gal who has a lot of makeup! After all, your beauty room should look as gorgeous as YOU!


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