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Beauty Monday with Kato Kaelin

Kato Kaelin is a household name in Hollywood. He has worked his way up the entertainment ladder of success with his quick wit, love of people and charming approach to life. And today he is the star of the Film On Network where he hosts his weekly show, "Tailgating With Kato". For the next 8 weeks, Viva Glam will give you behind-the-scenes access to Kato's life, starting with a couple of questions for Beauty Monday.

What are your beauty must haves?
Also, give us a few beauty tips for men.

My beauty must haves for men are simple: don’t act like a supermodel, just be a guy. Pouty lips and blush on cheek bones are for ladies.
Don’t be something you are not.
By following this rule you become a beautiful man. Men should never go through their girlfriend’s purse looking for beauty products to use
The only time a man should go through his girl’s purse is to find a breath mint, loose change for parking meters or to find her Iphone to see if she has been texting Kato on the side.

Beauty products that are a must for men are items from
CREATION’S GARDEN. They have a men’s line that is the best.

I use these products and hopefully if someone from their company reads this I would love FREE SWAG!!!!!!


In general, why do you think men prefer women with more natural makeup over more dramatic makeup?

Natural make-up over dramatic make up – truthfully, I prefer natural make-out. Usually at my place in front of the fireplace, which by the way, is a natural wood burning fireplace. Oh, wait. You said makeup… I can see a women’s beauty with NO makeup. My ex would wake up in the morning and I would be amazed that her morning face was a perfect 10. No kidding. That is real beauty. But natural make up, when done right, just gives a woman a more NATURAL look. Which is why its called natural makeup. Dramatic makeup is just that – DRAMATIC. It covers too much of a person. Besides, who really wants DRAMA in one’s life? Exactly, no one.
You never want to be with a woman who washes off her dramatic make up and then you see her and realize that you just slept with your apartmment maintenance man

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(photo by Chaz Rodriguez)

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