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Beauty Crush: Who’s the SEXIEST of them all? Madonna

Madonna is still the SEXIEST and most STYLISH of them all!

In the 80’s, one of the coolest entertainers in the music business was Madonna.
With her fearless attitude and trendy style, her costumes and makeup helped make her an icon to this day.


Everyone during this decade wanted to emulate Madonna’s unique and esoteric style.
In fact, she created a brand new type of woman: one who was independent, a free thinker, didn’t necessarily follow all of the rules and had a lot of fun!


Madonna was, and still is, all about red lips whether she was dressing up or down. Apply a red lipliner such as Bare Mineral’s “Amped” in order for your lipstick to stay on all day. If you want to wear a lipstick that is less dramatic but can still stand out, try a berry toned lipstick such as Mac’s “Craving” lipstick that Madonna would be sure to approve of.

Madonna always kept her eyes simple with little to no eyeshadow and black Mascara. This is a similar look to the way Marilyn Monroe did her eye makeup back in the 1950s.


With just mascara, her lashes always looked longer and made her stand out from the crowd. Try Avon’s Super Extend black mascara to achieve this sexy look!


looks over the years were never perfect, but they always went along with her rebellious and controversial image. Makeup shouldn’t just be about having the perfect cat eye or lipstick, its nice to have a little fun sometimes and vogue it up. And makeup should be about self-expression and just being yourself.
So don’t worry about what is trending right now. Rather, think about how you want to express yourself through your makeup and create a look that is as distinctive as Madonna’s!
Every eye will be on you and he won’t be able to stop staring at your sexy look! We guarantee it!


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