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Beach Sexy Hair, The Mermaid Wave

Straight from the pages of VIVA GLAM Magazine’s Sexiest Issue,

Beach Sexy Hair, The Mermaid Wave

Getting ready for beach weather includes getting that sun-kissed tan and wearing wavy, beachy hair. One of the best ways to get that natural looking wavy hair is to do the Mermaid Wave.

Step 1: Part your hair to how you wear it. Dampen hair as best and you can, adding a leave-in product. Comb the product through.

Step 2: Make two pigtails and do a regular French braid in each.

Step 3: Sleep.

Step 4: Take out the braids and spray in K+K beach waves sea salt texture spray.

Step 5: Put a few drops of Curiel by Angelica dry hair oil spray in the palms of your hands, rub together and scrunch your hair with your hands.

All done! Mermaid waves!


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