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Banish Dry and Chapped Lips With These Key Lip Essentials

Dry lips are any makeup lover’s worst nightmare. Whether you do a full face whenever you leave the house or you stick with the essentials like a swipe of mascara and a little lip tint, having flaky, crusty lips underneath whichever product you use is not the way to complete a sleek, well-put-together look.

Depending on where you live and the weather you experience, your diet, and your beauty routine, you may suffer from chapped or irritated lips at different times due to different reasons. If the weather where you live is particularly extreme or has a lot of wind or very dry air, chapped lips become a problem. If you eat a lot of citruses: you might have irritated, raw lips. If you don’t drink enough water or use products that lock in moisture well: you might get chapped lips. If you routinely use lip products with ingredients like lanolin or menthol: you might have sensitive, easily irritated lips. The skin on your lips is so thick and sensitive that you need to take excellent care of it to maintain its smooth, supple state. 

Lip care products need to take up the slack and help us exfoliate, moisturize and hydrate our lips to keep them in good condition year-round. There are a few key products that you should have in your beauty kit to use when your lips are giving you trouble or to keep them ready for smooth, slick makeup application, and these are our top choices.

Lip Primer

Since your mouth moves a lot during the day, any lip colour is likely to slide off or form creases during the course of the day unless you apply a lip primer first. Some primers just act as a barrier between the skin and the makeup you apply to it, keeping the makeup in place on a smooth surface.  Other primers have the same function but also have therapeutic effects thanks to a range of natural ingredients. Primers like this work to resurface the lips and soften any dry or flaky skin on their surface. The skin is smoothed, softened, and laid flat to form a smooth surface for your liner and lipstick or balm application. Look for ingredients like:

  • Fruit extract
  • Sugar
  • A whole lot of water
  • Flower extracts like rose or hibiscus

Lip Mask

A lip mask is a specialist that you call in when the gentle exfoliation team has done its work. A mask is typically more intensive than a normal moisturizer and is usually worn either for a short period of time and then wiped away or overnight while we’re not constantly talking, eating, or drinking. Think of a lip mask the same way you think of a hair or face mask: a heavy hitter that does a lot of hard work in a relatively short time. It gets into your dry skin and works from the inside out to repair any damaged patches that can be saved and promote moisture retention. You need to look out for lip masks with ingredients like:

  • Shea butter
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Berry wax

Lip Serum

Serum typically has a thinner consistency than masks or moisturizers and, as a result, is able to penetrate the surface of the skin in a way that these other products cannot. Though a serum works in a similar way to a balm, it does so at a slightly more intense and direct level. Serums seal in the moisture that you get from drinking water and from moisturizing on a regular basis and keep it from leaving your lips too easily. They can target standard issues like dryness but also assist with plumping, depending on their ingredients. Use a serum first thing in the morning, before you apply any other products, and at night before you apply any  overnight products. Look for the following ingredients:

Lip Balm

Lip balm is your daily best friend. It’s an essential that you should have in your purse or pocket at all times. Any balm you choose should not only smooth your lips on a surface level but also penetrate that layer to hydrate and moisturize from within. If you’re a low-maintenance beauty person, the new trend of tinted lip balms will offer you a lot of choices. The balm is what you should keep using on a consistent basis to keep a layer of protection between your delicate lips and the harsh environment and to add some color to your look. Find yourself a balm that includes these ingredients:

  • Sugar
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Cranberry seed oil

Wrap Up

These lip products are the A to Z of lip care, conditioning, and even color. If you have them all on hand for wherever you need them, you’ll never have a chapped lip moment again. Be consistent with your application and you’ll notice the effect of these therapeutic, nourishing and moisturizing products before too long. A soft, smiling set of lips is, after all, one accessory that noone should ever be without.

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