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Balayage: What It Is and How to Do It

We all know the term “ombre”, as that style has been huge for the past few years. As we approach 2018, the ombre look has been updated! Balayage is the new and better ombre!

This hair trend is sweeping the world and it’s probably plastered all across your Instagram. Celebrities have been rocking it for ages, and it has been one of the most highly requested hair dyes at hair salons over the past couple of years. Have we peeked your interest? Well, we’ll stop with all of the suspense and just break it all down for you…

What is Balayage?

We’re guessing you’re not surprised to hear that it’s a French term? Well, it actually translates to the phrase “to paint.” The name explains what it actually entails. The easiest way to think of it is as a less precise and more widely spread ombre.


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What we mean by this is that balayage is similar to ombre in the sense that your hair has lighter ends. The difference is that with balayage, you all get this lighter dye spread across sections of your hair, even starting at your roots.

Why We Love It

Balayage gives your hair a naturally sunkissed look. You know how you contour and highlight your face? Well, balayage does the same for your hair!

That’s actually, partially, why we love it. Balayage takes little to no upkeep. It’s so naturally spread out that you can comfortably grow into your roots for a while before you decide to chop off your lighter ends. We also love how it completely brightens up your entire look. It’s like going blonde and lighter without the hassle and commitment!

How Is It Done?

Balayage is a very precise process. It’s takes a lot of precision to get that carefree, effortless look, ironic right? If you’re thinking of trying balayage, you HAVE to make sure to research the right hair stylist that is very experienced with this style.


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As the name would suggest, bayalage is painted on using a brush. Your stylist will paint on the lighter hair dye, brush it through, and repeat the process. This method ensures that the color is spread evenly while leaving an even amount of strands untouched. We wouldn’t recommend trying this at home. It may sound straight forward, but it’s definitely the kind of thing you want to leave to the pros!



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