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How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse and Minimize Impulse Purchases

If you’ve clicked on this article, the chances are you’re as much of a shopaholic as we are. While not a medically recognized disease, this fever has some serious side effects. Expect instant joy and decrease of bank account statement, with some minor alterations to the rest of that month’s spending. Within an hour or so, expect to experience some heavy buyer’s remorse; intensity varies based on the patient.

Buyer’s remorse is an unfortunate side effect of impulse purchases, we’re all very aware of this and yet we can’t seem to avoid it. Well, we’re here to change that. With this breakdown of how to avoid buyer’s remorse and minimize impulse purchases, we’re here to make sure that your shopping sprees only end with a smile on your face; and a little dent in your pocket, but who’s counting?

Why You Suffer Buyer’s Remorse

Think of buyer’s remorse like the crash after an overload of caffeine. At the time it seems like the best idea and you feel instant gratification, then you slowly get that sinking feeling and realization that you may have messed up.

Thoughts like “I shouldn’t have bought that,” and “did I even need that?” begin to cross your mind, and it’s just no fun! Buyer’s remorse is often a result of impulse buys more than anything. You know when you walk across a store and notice a gorgeous dress similar to 50 you own, but this one is half priced so it would be a crime not to buy? Yeah, those.

The name says it all; impulse buys mean no thought or consideration, you simply jump at the opportunity without thinking much about the consequences. The emotions we experience are simply the result of the angel on our shoulder that wants to avoid negative outcomes and the devil that blocks out consequences clashing together!

How To Stop It?

We’ve come with a simple formula to avoid any impulse buys and prevent you from suffering buyer’s remorse. It’s just about having a little conversation with yourself. Before any purchase is made, ask yourself these questions- or even just one of them! Working through these simple questions is all it’ll take to help you avoid making any purchases you regret, and stick to only making ones that bring you joy!

  1. STOP! Before you look at the price tag, ask yourself how much you’re willing to pay for this? Asking yourself this question can help you assess the situation and not overspend because the discount sounds great. If the two numbers match up then you’re in the clear
  2. Do you own anything that looks similar or would work similarly? The biggest reason we suffer buyer’s remorse is that we go home and realize we already had something exactly like that!
  3. Will you have to cut anything out of your life or skip a meal to buy this? Usually, we’ll instantly convince ourselves we’re okay with making any accommodations to buy this, but pondering that for a second can sometimes allow you to re-evaluate.
  4. What will I wear or pair this with? This is one of the biggest things we fail to consider. You buy something because it looks beautiful, and then it ends up in the back of your closet because nothing matches with it or you end up simply buying more and more to make it work. Really think about your wardrobe and what would go with this!
  5. Leave the store for 30 minutes and consider these questions seriously then come back. This trick is going to do you wonders. Put it on hold if you’re really anxious that it will be sold out before you get to it, but take the time to ponder and recognize any and all consequences of this purchase.


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