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Autumn Styles Throughout The Centuries

Fashion is forever changing, and if there is one thing we can rely on when it comes to clothing, it’s that there will always be trends to follow. You may think that this is a recent phenomenon, but in reality, fashion has been important to people for many centuries.

We take a look back at autumn styles throughout the centuries to show you what people were wearing and how what they felt about clothing wasn’t much different to how you feel about it. It’s a fascinating discovery.

The 1960-1970s

We start with the 1960s. It was at this time that fashion completely changed, and whereas the 1950s and decades before that were very formal and – some would say – rather dull when it came to colors and designs, in the 1960s all of that changed. Suddenly clothing was bright, beautiful and patterned, and rather than the tailored skirts and jackets from earlier in the century, clothing started to be much looser – or, when you think of the mini skirt which appeared in this era, much tighter.

By the time it was the 1970s this trend for color and design continued. The difference was that the 1970s promoted individuality. Although clothing could much more easily be bought ‘off the rack,’ the fact that there were so many different combinations, and everyone could wear exactly what they wanted (even if the colors didn’t work together or the fabrics were entirely different). Favorite items in this era included bell-bottom pants, tie-dye shirts, ponchos and capes, and peasant blouses.

The 1980s-1990s

The 1980s was a wild time for fashion. Designers really could have fun, and the people buying the clothing enjoyed it too. Hair was big, makeup was over-stated, and the clothing had plenty of angles and accessories to really make it stand out. The 1970s had been based around flowing, comfortable clothing, but the 1980s started to take things back to the more tailored looks on the 1940s and 1950s, only this time they had a modern twist. The 1980s was a decade of wealth and prosperity, or at least a ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ mentality, so the clothes were made to emulate that.

Then came the 1990s. The wealth was starting to fade, and more people wanted affordable clothing that was easy to wear as well. This is the era of ‘grunge’ and over-sized clothes that anyone could wear. The clothing was still colorful, but must less outrageous than it had been in the 1980s. Preferred clothing included denim, checked shirts, leather jackets, baby-doll dresses, and crop tops with drainpipe jeans.


Moving to the present day, and you only need to look around you to appreciate just how far we’ve come in only a few years. It seems that the fashion world and the fashion-conscious – as well as those who aren’t into fashion – have calmed down when it comes to the crazy styles of the past. We have taken the best of what we had before and toned it down to suit a more discerning market. This included t-shirts which are no longer over-sized but fitted and jeans which no longer have bell-bottoms and have progressed from the drainpipe style to the ‘skinny’ style that people tend to enjoy a lot more.


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